NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread


Yeah, the FSU hype from the announcing crew was tiresome. And then when we went on the run and went up 10, suddenly it was “You wonder if FSU can keep pace with Michigan offensively, they’re not a good comeback team.”


Not to mention the announcer used the same line word for word about the “comeback team” in Thursday’s game…


That big three by Duncan must have just seemed like three or four because we’d missed so many!


Disagree with the praise for how Hamilton handled the situation there. How hard is it to say something like “yes we would’ve liked to foul and prolong the game, unfortunately that was not communicated well enough.”

If anyone deserves praise in that situation, it’s the reporter. She handled herself very well.





Loved hearing from Yaklich after the game, he’s got head coach pedigree written all over him (in time).

Such a great locker room filled with solid human beings…a joy of a team for our fan base to back and appreciate! Go Blue!




The reporter does deserve to be commended. She was told to ask a question about not fouling and she did. I thought she asked it with great care and concern for Hamilton and his team. There is no question she was TOLD to ask the question by her producer or the guys in the studio. I’m pretty sure I know what she was hearing in her earpiece. She did her job well. Still, I believe it was too soon to ask the question. Right question, wrong time. Just my opinion. What I REALLY care about, though, is WE’RE GOING TO FINAL FOUR!!! Go BLUE!!!


Michigan Alum Dana Jacobson. Leaders and Best


A guy who starts to get angry, then catches himself, moves on, praises your team. . . I’ll refrain from further comment, but I don’t really get why that’s so problematic. He’s angry because he lost; I would be, too. She handled it well, too, I agree. And I agree that the book says foul again. A watch of the video definitely shows Hamilton not calling for the foul, so it IS on him. But I don’t think that with Robinson holding the ball failing to go through the motions and prolong the game is a very big deal. A glance over at the Tally Democrat this morning showed just one person grousing about it. . . a poster from Easter Michigan.

P.S. Bloomfield Hills gal–did not know that. Have always liked her.


Did anyone else catch the color commentator say how bad our PF and C on the floor were at defending? This of course being when Jon f****ing Teske was the C?


Maybe Hamilton had money on the game. I believe the spread was 4.5


Dylan and team are doing such a great job they make the national guys sound uninformed and clueless. I would compare charles B and his team to CNN and the cable news networks with the focus more on entertainment and less on substance…


I heard one of them say that Teske is not a good defender. Obviously, he hadn’t done much film study.

All in all, the lack of knowledge of the studio crew at both TBS and CBS is stunning. Candace Parker can’t even pronounce Mo Wagner’s last name correctly. He is a top player on a #3 seed team, you would think that she would at least do a little homework.


It was weird not to foul. When asked about his team not fouling he responded in a very bizarre way. I am tempted to say he is just a complete weirdo but I don’t know much about the guy.


Yeah, I heard that too. Was pretty funny. I believe it was Reggie.