NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread


When there is virtually no chance of winning?


With 10 seconds left, down 4, it’s really not that hard to envision a scenario where:

  • Duncan makes both. 6 point game.
  • Florida State hits a three with 4 seconds left. 3 point game.
  • Florida State fouls Zavier Simpson immediately. 3.5 seconds left. He misses both. 3 point game.

We know all about improbable victories with less than 4 seconds left. It was a very fair question to ask of Hamilton.


I for one applaud Hamilton for getting me to bed 10 minutes earlier and saving at least three years of my lifespan being consumed by the stress of Zavier Simpson FT shooting.


I mean this seems like a poor time to pull out this argument after we saw what happened in the Virginia-Louisville game earlier this season. It’s a chance at the damn Final 4. And as @buckets12 just pointed out, this scenario isn’t exactly “.001% chance of happening” range.


If he can shoot 70% from the line I could be convinced, He will have more downhill confidence and more fire power to distribute the ball.


Insert second bullet point

  • Beilein subs out Zavier for Jordan Poole.


I agree with this, and I also think it wouldn’t be hard for the TV announcing crew to spend some time with Matt Shepherd and Terry Mills to get a little perspective on our team and our players.


Or they could have an intern read team specifIc blogs and do a better job of providing notes. I feel like cbs could pony up for the highest tier Patreon/subscription level for all school sites.


It doesn’t sound like “rocket science” does it?!? :smiley:


I’m sure someone with better skills at linking to social media can share this, but Leonard Hamilton issued a statement today on the way he acted in the post-game. It’s exactly what I’d want my own coach to say if that were to happen…props to him, and FSU for not letting it go unsaid.


And imploring Michigan to feed Teske on a post-up… anyone who knows this team knows that was offensive option #27 on any given possession



Absolutely, Chip! This is exactly what I wanted to say, but hadn’t gotten around to it! I’ll bet your dad would say it, too! :wink: Thanks for posting!


One last comment from me. I mentioned somewhere on here that my son works at the Staples Center. His office is essentially across the concourse from the basketball arena. He was pretty busy working Thursday night, but he stepped into the arena to watch for a few minutes a couple of times. Most of the time he was in his office with the game on his office TV, and he said he could tell every time Michigan scored because the sound was explosive!

Last evening he went to a bar across the street from Staples to watch the game with two of the chefs. He mentioned to me today that it seemed like EVERYONE at the game was a MICHIGAN fan, and the two chefs he was with said the same. They were amazed at how many Michigan fans were there. Brandon (my son) told me the sound in that arena was so loud, and that the TV broadcast just didn’t do it justice. SO loud. It was much louder than it sounded on TV. This from a guy who is there six days a week!

The MICHIGAN brand travels, and the Michigan brand is EVERYWHERE! I’m looking forward to hearing what the realmiraman says about the volume of sound and the experience at Staples! Now, let’s take over San Antonio!