NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread

8:49 p.m. TBS on Saturday night.


KenPom prediction for Michigan-Florida State: Michigan 74, Florida State 69.

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Jay Williams on Florida State

Bart Torvik H-Rank Filter for the NCAAs. We’re about even with Florida St on average.

First time poster! UM grad and extremely excited for this years team and this march madness run!

I am trying to get tickets to the elite 8 game vs FSU on Saturday in LA and wanted to know if there are certain sections that are better than others for Michigan fans? Like are certain ones saved for certain schools?



Insane how our feelings about this season went from “being a 7-8 seed in the tournament would be a solid achievement” in November to “itd be pretty disappointing not to make the title game”


I’ve gotta believe that most neutral fans would push for the team with the best chance of preventing a Duke-Kansas-Nova championship from here on out.

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Michigan opens as a 4.5 point favorite.


I hate this feeling, but after reading the First Look it sure seems like an excellent matchup for Michigan. (And conversely a bad matchup for FSU)


Yeah, any team that relies so heavily on running seems like a good match up. Hopefully UM can say out of foul trouble, make some 3s (we should get some good looks), make FSU run half court sets, and deal with extended pressure defense – which generally UM is dealing with but has presented some difficulties at times this year.


I agree. @umhoops are you in agreement with many of us that this is seemingly a really good matchup or are we missing something? Nervous regardless, but feeling great about this on paper.

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Florida State, Texas A&M and Kansas State all were out-scored by their opponents in conference play this year. Not only do I love the matchup personnel and strategy wise, this is simply a very poor quality team to be playing in the Elite 8. Historically poor. I still can’t believe the way this bracket shook out but my oh my I’ll take it and enjoy every second of it


If Z can avoid getting into early foul trouble (something he’s been great at all season, but with the way refs have officiated most games in the tourney, I’m not ruling anything out), I really like this matchup. Forrest seems like their best and almost only true creator. If we can contain him and not give up a ton of offensive rebounds, we should win this game comfortably sans a dud in terms of shooting - like the first two tourney games.

I also like the matchup. We should have another pro-Michigan crowd too. But these guys have already knocked out the #1 seed so we’ve got to expect they’re confident.


Still looking at it more closely but it does seem like a good matchup on paper.

Basically, the one fear is can we handle their athleticism and ability to switch? But we’ve had worse matchups in that regard.

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Off Topic: But I was reading Mack rumors on the Louisville board and found this post.

Beilein is amazing. They keep reloading but not with 5 star recruits. He just develops 3 and 4 star guys. Last year they lost their SR PG Walton, Zac Irvin, and DJ Wilson early to the draft.

Crazy thing is how much better they are defensively. When they scrapped the 1-3-1 last season late, they went on a run and defended pretty well and it carried over to this season. Once again, it pays to adapt at times and he certainly did that. I thought they may play some 1-3-1 last night at times but they dominated the game in other ways.

The 1-3-1 meme is just funny, lol