NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread


Still watching the awful studio show. I think I just heard them say “I never saw Michigan miss so many wide open threes, but that was because of Florida State’s defense.”


How does wide open and defense go together?


I was scratching my head.


Come on Leonard Hamilton, Dana Jacobson is asking a fair question there. I would have lost my mind if Michigan didn’t foul down 4 with 10 seconds left.


FSU Coach biting his tongue on the why no foul question, almost walked off the set


Credit to him for not throwing his kids under the boss, regaining his composure, and turning to praise of Michigan, though.


I think our guys were a bit frazzled in this game and the physicality affected their shooting.


Those guys are horrible. Charles is funny in the commercials he makes but he has NO business being on live TV. Clark is very good, Kenny should stick with the NBA, but Charles, well he doesn’t belong in the studio.


I admire Kellogg a lot, and in a world of bloviators, I also admire Kenny’s circumspection. But Barkley is routinely terrible.


Don’t hate on calipari too much, he’s been in contact with Matthews and says he cheering for him and Michigan to win it all now. He wanted Matthews to stay fwiw.


I noticed with 2 minutes left that FSU was already out of timeouts. That was big. I don’t think Hamilton wanted them to jack up some of those late shots.


That was a tough interview with Leonard Hamilton, but I loved the way he gathered himself and gave credit where credit was due. The only thing Charles Barkley was right about all night was in giving Leonard Hamilton credit there. Hamilton was obviously very unhappy with the question but he didn’t react the way many coaches would have. Could you imagine Calipari in that situation. It was a really tough situation for Hamilton to be put on that spot like that almost immediately after a heartbreaking loss. I listened to his pregame presser, too. I’m a fan! Of course, WE’VE got the BEST!


Yes, I said the same thing above. I like Hamilton, too. Like Beilein, at a basketball school, he does more with less. He’s got a young team with an emerging style; with luck they will be good for some time to come. I live in Tallahassee and always root for them to beat the Dukes and NCs of this world. . . which they have done with surprising regularity, at least at home, the last few years.


It wasn’t just the kids watching him I don’t think he was yelling at them to foul either.


Tremendous job on defense. Gotta give a lot of credit to Charles Matthews, he got it done on both ends. Look at the numbers for Mann and Angola. 2/8 combined from the floor. Mann only took 2 shots! Couldn’t ask for more.


I’m sorry but I completely disagree with anyone that likes how Hamilton is coming across. His extended postgame press conference he sounds completely clueless. “Doesn’t remember” pretty much any specific sequence in the final two minutes. When asked what made Michigan so hard to guard he said “when you have a team that can shoot the three that well, sometimes that’s the great equalizer. I thought they made three or four threes down the stretch that made the difference and extended their lead when it mattered”. We shot 4 for 22 on the game. Clueless.


Could be. I don’t think he gains much if he fouls Robinson, though.


Turns out that guys that watch 0 college basketball until the tournament have terrible opinions about college basketball. You would think that FSU was the top 10 team in the country the way they talked about them. Reggie Miller too.

Give me Kellogg, Jim Jackson, Raftery all day over those guys


Agree with that. Heck give me Jon crispin


Zavier Simpson and Charles Matthews, take a damn bow. Is Z the best defensive PG in the country? That is a legitimate serious question. Matthews, stone cold when they needed you most. Brilliant performances.