NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)



I could be mistaken but I think you’re talking about Ward and he’s talking about Swanigan


Re: swanigan and ward in the nba. I think the biggest issue for both will be who can they guard. Swanigan might have some hope for being able to handle most nba centers since he is reasonably long and rebounds well. Plus there are so few dominate post scorers at the five in the nba. Ward I don’t think is close to being able to guard anyone in the nba.

Offensively, both need to improve their shooting a lot. Swanigan has shown some ability to hit perimeter shots but not nearly enough to be a reliable scorer at the nba level. Ward isn’t close to being a good enough shooter to score at all in the nba. His entire game is scoring off overpowering defenders in the post. That just doesn’t translate to the nba for a guy his size and length unless you can pair it with a great face up game (zac Randolph).

Overall I don’t think either are great prospects but swanigan at least has some shooting ability and is a better athlete. I could see him being a decent backup or a solid starter if he falls on the right team that can cover up his deficiencies on perimeter defense. Ward needs to improve a great deal before the nba would be interested.


By percentage, Swanigan is a better 3Pt shooter than either DJ Wilson or Moe Wagner this season — and he’s attempted 85 3s on the season, so it’s a reasonable enough sample size.

So if he’s not a good enough shooter with his physicality and defense, then we really shouldn’t be worried about Wilson or Wagner being on NBA radars?


I’m enjoying this thread…thanks for all of your thoughts and observations…a lot to chew on here…a lot of fun to think about…

It’s obvious it will be much easier to assess Nick Ward’s future at the pro level after he goes through another season.

This past season his service to his team had to come completely from the post. If Izzo feels Nick has any potential to score as a face up player/defend out on the perimeter he’ll allow him to grow a little next season by doing so. Will that happen?

FWIW, I know the ability of Columbus area players a bit and watch whatever video of them there is available. It’s a good question to ask how much different/effective from the back to the basket Nick Ward talent can he be? Ward surprised me this season with the quality he provided MSU on the block. But what else is there he can do? I’m not sure there is more to come. Nick likes to bang/compete and his touch surprises and he rebounded/defended well enough as a frosh. Appears to think the game at a good level thus far. A player for NBA scouts to try and assess.

Moving on to Wilson and Wagner, they both are playing well in this season’s NCAA games. Congrats to them and great for their team! Is UM moving on without them? (To be fair, everyone is really playing well, so ask that same question for all the characters involved)

So far in the tournament I see them as raising their level of play but not stepping too far away from what each has already shown as prospects for the next level. I’m of the camp to let them both mature a little more physically and expand their approach to performing on court. No NBA yet?


Yea that’s better than I thought he was statistically. Don’t think you can compare him to Wagner/Wilson. Different players who may end up playing different positions in the nba.

My point about swanigan and ward in terms of their nba potential was that you better be a plus shooter with your face up game if you are going to be a succesful back to the basket scorer. And i wasn’t sure either are, obviously swanigan has shown better improvement in that area than I realized. Big difference between both of those guys and the Michigan duo, is that Wagner/Wilson can attack off the dribble. Have not seen much of that from swanigan and none from ward.


Ford lists DJ Wilson as one foot out the door.


What’s your take Dylan?


For those without Insider, I’m assuming that means he’s 50/50 right now?

Also, what’s considered leaving to him? Hiring an agent or does it count if they declare to test the waters?


If he gets a sure first round grade - go. Otherwise, you gotta come back DJ. This was your first year really playing. You are still soft around the rim, can get stronger and improve laterally, and will have a higher usage to put up stats next season. This 2017 draft is significantly better, and deeper, than next year’s as well.


No, there is also a 50/50 category. It means he’s expected to declare.

That said, he can declare, get evaluated, and come back so long as he doesn’t hire an agent.


Gotcha, so basically means 75% chance then in his opinion. Thanks for the answer on it.

That’s what confusing, declaring to get evaluated vs. declaring with an agent is a whole different ballgame. I wonder if Ford calls himself correct if a guy declares without an agent.


I think it would be surprising if Wilson didn’t declare but it would also be surprising if he declared and hired an agent. I think it makes sense to test the waters but maintain your eligibility with the ability to go back to school. I think that’s the smart play.



Good practice for the real thing. Why not…


Agree don’t 1000% declare, but don’t sign. Both dj and moe need to come back. Spend the offseason getting tougher and rebounding.


Leaving and signing with an agent in this draft is just way too risky IMO. This draft is way too deep and you don’ want to be a second round pick. Either could find themselves overseas permanently if they leave before properly developed.


And doesn’t list Mo at all. I’d be really surprised if Mo isn’t back. D.J. May well declare, but likely without an agent, at which point, the decision will hinge on his showing at workouts and in the pre-draft camp. Swanigan, Jok, Hayes and Trimble last year did that and returned.


I haven’t seen any mock draft pundits willing to put Wilson or Wagner down as a 1st Rd pick. I’ve read the articles where many people say they are rising up draft boards. And I’ve seen Ford’s rankings where he mentions them as Top-30 prospects, but I have yet to see anyone have a strong enough conviction to actually slot them in to a 1st Round projection.


Trevor Thompson did this last season and seemed to benefit from it. He found out what scouts thought of him and worked on his weaknesses. Didn’t come back from it near perfect but definitely more able.

Wilson already in a better place than Thompson coming off the season he had. Doesn’t sound like Wagner has made any overtures yet, though, right?