NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)

#25. D.J. Wilson

Wilson is an athletic forward who can both stretch the floor and protect the rim. He has a rare combination of explosiveness and skill. His inconsistency and soft play (despite his size he doesn’t really like contact in the paint) concern NBA scouts.

He’s on the first-round bubble, but a big NCAA tournament could change things for him. He was outstanding in the Big 10 tourney for Michigan with 26 points, eight boards and three blocks against Purdue and 17 points, six boards, three assists and two steals against Wisconsin to lead Michigan to the title.

#26. Moritz Wagner

Wagner might be the biggest sleeper on this list. The native of Germany brings many of the things that Lauri Markkanen brings to the table and is just six months older, such as size, agility, a terrific 3-point stroke and a high basketball IQ.

Like Markkannen, he isn’t a great rebounder or shot blocker, but you don’t find many players with his size and skill set in the draft.

Oh no. We need two more years from both of these guys.

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Not sure if Dylan has heard the same, but Brian at Mgoblog has heard both are planning on staying for next year.

This doesn’t include prospects in Europe or who didn’t make the NCAA tournament – there are a surprising number of the latter. Unless Michigan has an extended run with one of those guys really dominating consistently I wouldn’t worry too much about it, considering neither went into this year thinking NBA. But I wouldn’t count on having both back for two more years.


Oh definitely, it notes their draft range as 30-50. Merely pointing it out because they are playing themselves onto the radar. Which is saying something for 2 guys who barely played for most of last year.


Yup, they sure have changed their pro outlook this year. McCormick said that Wagner and Wilson are NBA players once their bodies develop. Unless something drastically changes, with the 30-50 range, it just seems to make sense to come back for a year and improve the position.

I’m of the opinion that you can’t really tell what someone is thinking until someone gets them to believe that they are a 1st round pick. I’m also of the opinion that if you are actually a first round pick you shouldn’t wait around and you should go get paid.

It’s really easy to plan on returning when no one says you are a first round pick because the option isn’t really there.

I don’t think DJ or Moe is a first round pick right now – when the ESPN hype blurb calls you soft there’s still a ways to go – but it also should be in the roadmap and both guys are going to have the opportunity to flourish next year.

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I’m sure that’s what really excites them even more for next year. They’re on the fringe already now which is awesome. On top of that, they’re going to be the centerpieces next year to really boost their stock.

It’s not fringe guys who are at or near their ceiling but fringe guys who are about to have the chance to really boost their stock big time.

I have a feeling we’re going to have both for another 2 years. I think Moe has a higher ceiling and will go a little further up the rankings next year. He’s so young that I think it’ll make sense for him to stay.

What I really think will matter, though, is how the 2018/2019 squad is projecting out. Call me crazy, but without significant attrition that team could have Final 4 written all over it.

I swear if Wagner and Wilson leave after 2 years and Happ and Swanigan stay 4 I might have to take a leave of absence from big ten basketball fandom



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No chance swanigan is in college even 1 more year.

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I sure hope not but he’s not a lotto pick projected and I could see him just being a 4 year monster for some reason

He should go first round. I’m not sure his stock will ever get higher IMO.

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I can’t imagine what type of season Swanigan would have if he stayed one more and actually did raise his stock…

If either becomes a tournament “monster” the NBA talk will come.
Mike Conley Jr. comes to mind.

Guess I tend to agree w/you but watching either kid in various moments I’m unsure which one has the higher ceiling…

Neither of these guys are near ready.


NBA doesn’t draft on ready. At least not exclusively. If those guys have good tournaments, they could sneak into the first round based on potential. But I don’t think they’ll quite push into that territory

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Any gm who drafts them in first round this year is asking to get fired. They are not close to ready.

But NBA teams often draft on potential and not how ready players are. Otherwise, upperclassmen would make up a larger portion of the draft

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When I saw this topic I thought it was about Derrick Walton. I was hoping he was getting first round hype.

I’m not believing either is a first round pick at this point, but like others I’m not banking on them being in AA as seniors. They are just as likely to have a 7 point 2 rebound game as they are to have a game in which they’re dominant.

I think the two that need to head to the NBA are Miles Bridges and Nick Ward. Go pro young men!