NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)


Sometimes being an early 2nd rounder is better than being a 1st rounder. You aren’t restricted by the rookie salary scale, which can be pretty limiting at the bottom of the 1st.


I’m not disputing their age, I’m just saying that if DJ was this productive as a true freshman, he’d be a lottery pick.


A lot of underclassmen declaring for the Draft the past couple of days. If there’s a high entry rate, it may cloud the market for Wilson & Wagner by the time they are in a position to make that decision. Conversely, if there’s a lower than expected entry rate &/or a couple mid/late-first round projected bigs opt to stay in school, the market for Wilson & Wagner could solidify.


Draftexpress breakdown of DJ’s last two games.


DX has Wilson at No. 18 in 2018


I still think that’s the most likely scenario, with DJ and Mo testing the waters and coming back for a year. Unless we continue to march forward in the tourney and those guys continue to blow up. DJ could get a degree next year too, and with a guy who was thinking about Harvard, Cal, and Columbia, in addition to Michigan, that might play a bigger role than it might with others.


Wagner has called Beilein an offensive genius and DJ, even though he was thinking of transferring last season, must appreciate his development. If they return they will be playing with a first year starter PG, imagine what Beilein could do with DJ and Mo next season. Maybe Donlon will be the key though as both will hear most about that.


Something to consider, or nothing to consider, but the athletic department has been using Moe and DJ as the players in purchasing season tickets.

You may laugh and say that means absolutely nothing, which seriously probably is 100% the case. However, if either was on the fence, you could easily use MAAR in the picture.


Everyone is looking out for No. 1. The AD knows what will sell tickets and those tickets will be purchased potentially before a decision has been made. The odds that the person making the posters knows what DJ and Moe will do: 2%.

DJ and Moe, will make their decisions when the time comes and will make the decision that’s best for themselves.


Oh definitely agree. And whatever is best for them absolutely do it.

I just know those posters were made before the Big Ten and NCAA Tournament, which case MAAR could’ve easily been used as well.


I disagree there. Ward will be a pro imo. I see him as a three year guy max


? I was gonna say the exact opposite. End of first is stacked potential wise.


There are also “potentially” busts.


Ehhhh. 6’8" pure post player who makes his living off getting great post position versus people much lighter than him doesn’t scream NBA to me.


Totally agree. Unless he takes a swanigan type leap, I don’t see it.


No chance I’m drafting him unless his body drastically changes.


Even Biggie will need to get with the right NBA team to have pro success.


Sadly your probably right. Most teams are hell bent on not grabbing a bruiser at the 4 spot. Someone smart like the spurs will grab him at the end of the first and look like a genius when he turns into a monster.


A team like that will have the time to develop him and the surrounding cast to let him be a glue guy or a matchup nightmare off the bench in limited minutes.

A lottery team would have too much pressure to have him start right away and have the offense go through him.


I don’t know about monster, but he’s the type of player that will come off the bench that will be a focal point of offense for the second unit. I can’t see him being a starter in the NBA unless he can show he can stick with a stretch 4 on the perimeter.

I can see him being a solid guy in the league for solid teams. He’s gonna be good offense off the bench. But he’s struggling to play lots of minutes in college. And that’s even after he’s lost 35 pounds.