NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)


I wrote this in the article on the main site, but I strongly think Moe and DJ are going to declare for the draft (hopefully without signing w/ an agent). D Walt sent out a snapchat Tuesday night of them three out in AA, talking about them going to “El League.” I went to rewatch it Wednesday morning, but it was deleted.


If one of them went we would need bamba all the more. Might be ideal as far as playing time distribution.


Latest Ford mock has Wagner at No. 25


Does anyone else have Wagner or Wilson projected in rounds 1 or 2? I haven’t seen them on any free draft board.


If they aren’t in rounds 1 or 2, it’s because the site thinks they are both returning.


Count SI as a DJ Wilson first round believer:


Wow, tough decisions for these kids. Fandom aside, I do think they would both be 2nd round picks at worst. The question is can they improve their stock with another year of college ball. Such a gamble when you’re slotted around 25!



I like it. Unity


All these guys declaring for the draft makes me feel better. Matthews telling me they’re staying is obviously something I believe but more draftable players is better.



The advisory committee isn’t declaring for the draft.


I’m aware of this…?


Was responding to the post that said “all these guys declaring for the draft”. All of what guys?


from other schools


You are correct sir.


Dylan, does the tweet mean they’re leaning toward entering the draft in general? Or leaning toward entering without an agent? (Thus weighing to sign with an agent is the decision or weighing to enter the draft)


They are entering without an agent.


Says ‘without rep’.

If I was advising anyone, I would say that if NBA scouts know your name then you should declare for the draft without rep and try to get a combine invite/a few workouts.

FWIW deadline to withdraw is May 24th (with no agent).


Agree. Everyone with the opportunity should declare and see what type of improvements need to be made. Would be a mistake if they didn’t IMO.