NBA Draft Discussion (DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner)


Especially that late in the draft. Having guys with their upside that late would be easy choices.

I think Wagner is gone after next year. Wilson depends. If he stays as aggressive as he’s been in the tourney next year then I could easily see him gone. They are both really good


Unfortunately, Ward ain’t a pro. Gonna be around for 4 years along with Winston.


I have a tough time seeing Wagner stay for all 4years. He had significant interest from European clubs last year and made great strides in his game this year.

European clubs will make interesting offers to him again this summer. Last summer he rebuffed the offers because he wanted more experience with the North American game. I would think he would hold true to that again this summer — although the $ offered will likely be more significant.

If Wagner becomes more consistent next season, especially on defense and battling on the glass, it would be improbable to see him turn down the NBA draft in '18 (knowing a big contract in Europe would be waiting as a fall-back).

Wilson, I think we’ll see in the Maize-and-Blue for 2 more seasons…but the threat makes it all the more important to develop Teske, Davis, and Livers.


I love what Walton has done for the Michigan program, but guards with his height/speed have to work their way into the NBA through Summer League, the D-League, or Europe.

NBA wants bigger guards. Or lightning quick guards. It’s part of the reason Trey Burke is struggling to find a role in the League.

Outside of winning the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player award in 3 weeks, I just don’t see what Walton can do to work his way into the draft. Not a knock on Walton the player at all, just the harsh reality of NBA Evaluation process.


Cant help but to think of Yogi’s situation with the Mavericks being the best case scenario.


If his goal is to make the NBA, it would probably not be the best idea for Mo to go to Europe this summer and not declare, where he’d have to join a new team, get used to new players and coaches, etc. Michigan obviously is a place that he can highlight his skills in front of NBA scouts and GMs. He might as well declare for the NBA and then if it doesn’t work out he can go to Europe and try to come back as a FA. Otherwise, stay at Michigan.


I agree. And that’s why I’m pretty confident he’ll return for next season… call it 80/20 stays/goes? But if — and it’s a big IF — some of those European teams start offering 7-figure salaries for next season then all bets are off. That would make it a much tougher decision, IMO.


That is looking FAR into the future then if you want to draft them this year.


Which is why, as of right now, they’re projected to go mid 2nd round. Not worth the risk at this point. A very good tournament could change that. But it would mean we’d have had a fantastic tournament.

I don’t see them boosting their stock that much. Mo could weigh an offer from Europe, but I think he’s best served to wait one more season and then determine if he’ll go to the draft or Europe.


Exactly. You take it with gratitude if it happens.


DJ would be an intriguing prospect for the 2018 draft. He would likely be drafted as a PF, but would need to bulk up to match the physicality in the NBA. Or he could be a SF, but would need to be quicker on both sides of the ball. I think Moe will stay all four years at Michigan. He needs cut back on the dumb plays and show scouts more of those crossovers and powerful slams. Likely would be a stretch 4 due to his lack of paint protection.


Is Wolverines’ D.J. Wilson playing his way into the NBA?


I’ve said it before. Mo and DJ will end up with opportunities in the league but it won’t be this year. Unfortunately for DeWalt he’d really have to work his way up as an undrafted FA if anything. Good chance he plays overseas for more $ and teams up with JMO.


Outside of a phenomenal run leading Michigan to the Final Four I don’t see how DJ breaks into the first round this year. It’s projected to be a loaded draft.


Cory, I’m assuming you’re going to be on a flight when Mo Bamba announces?


A flight to Detroit to organize the welcoming committee!





maybe if we close this thread people will stop talking about them.