NBA Draft 2016 Open Thread; LeVert picked 20th


Izzo giving bad reports to GMs so he’d slip and MSU will never have another player leave early ever again :stuck_out_tongue:


Rivalry or not I really feel for that kid sitting in the green room wondering when he’ll get picked. Personally as a 19 year old I don’t know if I’would have been able to handle it the way he has thus far. On one hand I like how all these guys get their moment to go up on stage, but on the other I think the amount of people getting invited leads to situations like this.


In all seriousness, I think whoever gets Davis is getting a major steal at this point. I’m a Pistons fan and I would have been more than happy with the Davis pick. He’s a low floor but very high ceiling player. And I am not aware of any character concerns (other than playing for State). Needs to add some skills, but he’s got all the other things you want in an NBA level player. As long as he’s got a work ethic, I don’t see why he can’t be an NBA contributor.


Yeah, gotta be really tough on kids with all of the expectations and everything going into things.

I think the red flag for Deyonta was that he just couldn’t stay on the floor all the time at MSU… But look at so many kids like Thon Maker out there that probably couldn’t stay on the floor for MSU either. He’s still raw but he has potentail.

And late first to early second is a big drop… especially considering this.


…did Demetrius Jackson pull his name from the draft or what?


Jackson might be a good pick for the Pistons at this point in the draft, but I’m sure he’ll be gone by then


No idea what some gms are thinking. Davis, stone, d Murray, and Zimmerman all great value. No idea why they all fell so far. Great value.


The reasons it’s crucial to test the waters with the new rules. Diamond Stone and Deyonte Davis are perfect examples and it showed last night not to be cocky and test it you might as well.


More from Caris


I’m not surprised at all by this but how about no Troy Williams or uthoff getting drafted? I guess yogi too but I’m not sure anything thought he would.



Tough call. I’ve seen Ulis, Felder, and Yogi, not sure who I think is more draft worthy. If I had to choose between the 3, I’d take Felder.


Good for Caris, Brooklyn is awful and will be awful for some time. Obviously the Nets doctor who did the surgery believes he can return just as the Cowboys doctor who did the surgery for Jaylon Smith. I would still be surprised to see LeVert play in NBA games this year with zero summer league.


Surprised to see him play in any games?? Why?


Yeah Troy Williams was a head scratcher. Good decision by Melo Trimble IMO. If Demetrius fell to #45 and Yogi didn’t get drafted, no way IMO was he going to get picked up.


I just don’t see a spot for him right now a year in the D League would help a lot imo. He’s played 33 games in 2 years I don’t think his body could handle an 82 game grind. Maybe saying he won’t play in any NBA games is harsh but maybe only a handful. They have 11 guys signed with 50 mil cap space to work with if they choose to utilize all of it.


I’m pretty surprised that Troy Williams didn’t get drafted. He’s needs more skill development, but he certainly has NBA-level athleticism.


Izzo using Davis as a tool to prevent his players from ever going one and done again. hahaha oh man.


haha i am sure Bridges and Langford are thinking “oh snap, this is not what i signed up for! is it to late to go to another school?”


Yogi will play with the Nets while Troy Williams will play with the Suns in summer league.