NBA Draft 2016 Open Thread; LeVert picked 20th


The only lesson to learn here is that Izzo is a relentless sociopath.

It is comical.


Nice I’m a Suns fan, they need a wing. He realistically could make the team if he does well.

I’m not surprised by utohff at all, and slightly by yogi. I’m more shocked about cat barber than those two. I understand he’s small and pg is deep but damn he can play. Looked good at the combine too.


Can’t shoot. That’s not good, these days especially.


Nothing like doubling (or tripling) down.


Still landed on his feet

3 yrs, 4 million guaranteed


Not sure where else to put this so I’ll put it here. How has unlv sucked so much the last few years. They had so much talent it’s crazy. Their previous coach must have been the worst x and o guy in history. I’m watching mccaw and he is legit. Add in Zimmerman, goodluck, Carter, wood, Vaughn, Bennett,jones, Morgan. It makes no sense.


LeVert signed his deal


Caris looking bulked up


Business casual


I think I would have said “look at those guns”.

It was a foot injury, so he’s had plenty of time to work the upper body.


I noticed that when I was hitting up NBA 2K. They have a ton of young talent scattered throughout he league.


Interesting that Davis signed for more than he would have had he been picked in the first round. Looks like he made a great decision. Wonder if Izzo will point this out to his incoming freshmen :wink:


Better to go early second they say. I can’t believe he fell. He went to the right team imo. Perfect fit for his style. Plus gasol and Randolph are aging so it gives him time to develop then slide in.