NBA Draft 2016 Open Thread; LeVert picked 20th


Burke should be done in Utah with Hill/Exum(if healthy) and Neto.


Hill/Exum/Mack/Neto then Trey (Mack played well 35m/game end of year, and is likely to not get cut by his 7/7 deadline). Trey will be mentioned heavily in the next month, but he would need to give someone confidence he can be their #2 given he still makes 3-4M


First twist of the draft… Jaylen Brown at No. 3 to the Celtics.


This draft has been crazy.

Ibaka shipped to Orlando, Oladipo to OKC.

Talk about Jimmy Butler potentially to Minnesota.


Valentine to the Bulls at 14…good, I can continue to not like the Bulls :slight_smile:


I love Valentine’s offensive game. Dominant at the college level, but we’ve seen this with Nik where it is just flat out hard for some of that to translate to the NBA when you aren’t an elite athlete. Valentine is a bit more physical, but worry about his athleticism.


If the Bulls could get Rubio and lavine for butler, that’d be a nice trade.


How about LeVert’s suit?

@johnmiller I think the Bulls want LaVine and Dunn and Minnesota wants to send Rubio and Dunn.


I’m not a big fan of lavine and I do love dunn’s game, so I’d take that trade as well.


Pistons on the clock… who do you guys like here?


I like the Ellenson pick. Think he’ll develop into a good player under SVG.



1st round talent. Boom!!!


Brooklyn must have really liked Levert. But Brooklyn seems like a mess.


So happy for him, he deserves to go first round. We got to pray he stays healthy.


Healthy Caris could be one of the best scorers on that Brooklyn team already


Happy for the guy, couldn’t have happened to a better person. It’s crazy to think that 6 players from that runner up squad will now be in the NBA, 5 of which were first round picks (who would’ve thought that of all the players GRIII would be the 2nd round pick?). 4/5 of the fresh five in the NBA, will it be Spike’s turn a year from now? Haha


Brooklyn are a tire fire. But he got that first round guaranteed contract. If he’s successful, he’ll have other options in a couple years.

Shocked he got picked that early.

Congrats Caris. Couldn’t have happened to a better kid.


Deyonta still slipping…