Moritz Wagner at FIBA U20 European Championship



Big step in the right direction for Moe… finally started clicking for him there in the 2nd half.


Here’s the Google translate… Moe’s quotes (translated from what I assume is translated French) are blockquoted.

When asked about Dirk Nowitzki , a smile appears on the face of Moritz Wagner (2.11m, 20 years), Germany’s top candidate for a medal in this U20 European Championship. In the same way as Tony Parker in France, the German legend is the idol of a whole youth desirous one day to be able to bear high the colors of the Nationalmannschaft in the biggest league of the world.
Born in Berlin in 1997, Moritz Wagner has been playing basketball since his early childhood. A tall player who can play far from the ring, he decided last year to try his luck on the other side of the Atlantic, in order to be able to play in the NBA one day. Major player of the Michigan Wolverines, the German interior shines for 2 years in NCAA. Very good during the last March Madness, he does not regret having decided at just 18 years to leave his country to live his dream.

"Berlin is everything for me, I was born there, I learned to play basketball in Berlin, but when the opportunity presented itself to be able to play NCAA and live magic moments, The USA allowed me to see another culture, another basketball … I needed this to flourish as a player, but also as a man I have total support My family and my loved ones, so it’s the main thing, and then, in the summer, I come back to play with my friends in the selection so it’s just a bonus I can not deny that these two years in Michigan 'Have allowed us to pass a course. It is not given to everybody to play the March Madness … "

Highly visible during the March Madness

The March Madness, a university tournament that brings together all the best schools in the country. Like Killian Tillie, Wagner shone during the tournament. Second best scorer of his team, he did not succeed as French to reach the Final Four. Eliminated in the Round of 16 by Oregon, he keeps this experience only good memories.

"Playing a Final Four is the dream of every academic, but we did not have the chance to do it. I had the choice of registering for the draft or continuing one more season at the university I hesitated a long time but I really want to relive a March The NBA will come one day, at the moment I do not think too much about it. "

Playing in the NBA is still the next step for the German 4/3 position. A picture of a Paul Zipser very good in his first rookie season in Chicago, or Dennis Schröder leader in Atlanta, he hopes to one day be able to make a name in the land of Uncle Sam.

"Paul and Dennis are two great players, and I hope I have a chance to play in the NBA, and that is the dream of all young people here in Germany and around the world. To start by doing everything to win the U20 European Championship, despite our rather mixed group stage. "

Very lucid about the performances of his team but also his own, he wishes to forget the beginning of this Euro, and think of only Wednesday’s game against Turkey.

"We do not realize the Euro we would have hoped for at the start of the competition, but in the first match against Sweden, we missed our point. Yesterday against Greece, we played very well for three quarters, but unfortunately, I think that we were not mentally clear enough in the important moments to win this match, which would undoubtedly have avoided Turkey, Spain, Greece, and even France will be able to beat everybody, but it is the difficulty of this Euro … All the teams are equal … And to be champion, you have to be able to beat everybody. Are formidable teams. It is up to us to show that Germany has a say. "

It must raise its level
To pass the Turkish cap, the Germans hope that Moritz Wagner will be able to do more. Embarrassed by the faults, he still has to adapt to arbitration here in Europe.

"Of course I have to do better, I’m aware of it, it’s the same for everyone, it’s up to me to adapt, and then we’re strong when we play together. Our strength is the collective, everyone can make a difference and we are determined to show it tomorrow (Wednesday)! "

Representing Germany is a very strong feeling for him. It is for this reason that he does not want to bow in the first game cleaver.

"Hearing the hymn, knowing my friends with me gives me tremendous strength, I love my country and have the opportunity to represent it, but for me it is the most beautiful thing in the world, so I do not want to lose Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will give everything I have in me, you can be persuaded. "
This match against Turkey is the real shock of the eighth of finals. This Wednesday around 1:30 pm, a favorite will be in the carpet and will have to leave the competition.

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Not that this is really unexpected to hear, but contradicts what he said after deciding to return.


Has anyone heard if he is pushing to graduate early?


Probably not worth reading into considering it was an interview given in one language (English or German) and transcribed in French and then Google Translated to English. Could very easily be “another year” translated.


Correct. Because otherwise we’d have to speculate on what the word Nationalmannschaft is without giggling.


Not really. That was, in fact, the choice he made. He can choose to make the same decision again after next year, or enter the draft. While he said he’d rather play two more years at Michigan and get his degree, that was in the context of being a possible second round pick and playing in the D League. If that’s where he is next year, he may well make the same decision. If he’s going to be a first rounder, he’s likely gone…and he should be.


Good thing is that if he’s a first rounder next season that means he had a really good season.



Moritz Wagner & Germany face Spain today at 9:45 am et. Spain has top prospect Santiago Yusta & looking to defend 2016 Euro U20 crown.


Game starting in a few minutes


First quarter was a bit of a grind… Spain leads 17-15. Moe didn’t attempt a shot but split a pair of free throws and had a pair of turnovers. Thought he played with some good energy though, 3 boards and a steal.


Moe on the board in the 2nd quarter with a little hook in the post.


Ugh. A glance at the full boxscore shows the following for Team Germany:

7 FGs made
11 TOs
10 PFs

Not a winning recipe…


Germany’s PG has had a game to forget. 0 of 5 in the first half with 5 turnovers in 12 minutes. Spain leads 40-29 at the break and feels like it should almost be more.


nice pump fake and driving layup for Mo.


He’s been a real low efficiency player in each box score I’ve looked at. The team turnover issues continue to be a real problem, too.


We could make a highlight video of Moe’s reactions from this tournament …Especially to the referees after every call.