Moritz Wagner at FIBA U20 European Championship


First game was this morning… I woke up early to watch and Wagner struggled to get going. 2-of-13 from the floor and Sweden knocked off Germany.

Moe’s stat line: 6 points, 8 rebounds on 2-of-13 shooting.

Box score here:

Next game is tomorrow at noon.


Moe coming off the bench today… Live stream here:


Struggling from the floor once again… missed a couple of jumpers and lost the ball driving to the hoop.


Moe got going a bit in the 3rd quarter… Had a few active plays defensively, got a steal around midcourt, had a nice drive and dish.

Has 5 points, 4 boards, 3 steals and an assist in 11 minutes through 3 quarters in a blowout of Czech Republic (72-42 entering 4th quarter).


Highlight behind the back dribble, drive and score for Wagner in fourth. He’s up to 8 points, 4 boards and 5 steals and might be done for the night. Curious to see how he develops as the tourney goes on. Seems to be struggling a bit looking for confidence with his jumper.


I wonder if trying to acclimate to the NBA 3 point line at the combine is having some residual impact.


Third ball and third three-point line since March could have some impact. I also think some of the inconsistent shooting, usually caused my getting too much arc on his shot, has been an issue with Moe. It comes and goes (and he shot well from three overall), but there are definitely games where he ‘has it’ and games where he doesn’t.


Yeah, you can usually tell how a game is going to go for Mo within the first few minutes… he is very hot and cold… hopefully he is more consistent this season… most importantly, I’m hoping his defense and rebounding improves a bit… he could be the key to how high the ceiling is for this team… he needs to be a first or second team All Big Ten type of player


Moe back in the starting lineup today against Greece.


Solid start for Moe with a pick and pop three, but quickly picks up his 2nd foul pushing off for an offensive board :slight_smile: Sounds familiar.


Good 1st quarter for Germany… leading 25-18 over a Greece team that beat Sweden (who knocked off Germany in the 1st game) by 35 points.


Moe with the buzzer beater from the SLOB lob. Germany leads by 1 at the break.


Following along with today’s game at

(At work, so watching the stream could get me some unwanted attention)


A couple of really solid passes out of double teams for Moe today. One over the shoulder to a cutter and one to an open shooter. Not completely comfortable with that, but a step in the right direction.


Ugh, Mo has 4 fouls? Just tuned in…


Greece about to complete the comeback here - up 1, with 5 left, may need to go back to Moe!

whoever Jallow is just had a MONSTER dunk in transition to put Germany back up!


Karim Jallow just posterized some poor kid on Greece. Wow.


Greece with a run to go up 5 with about 3 left - Moe has only 4 fouls, right?


Here comes Moe!


Looks like he’s checking in now. Yep, 4 fouls. Foul out is 5 I believe.