Moritz Wagner at FIBA U20 European Championship


Few big misses down the stretch from Moe in the 3Q… Three-pointer,. mid-range pull-up and a driving hook. Germany down 10 heading into the 4th.

Moe has 7 pts on 3-of-6 shooting


Germany 43 - 53 Spain at the end of 3rd Quarter. Germany yanked their point guard. Kid probably couldn’t play D1 in the US.


Frustrating creeping in for Moe, just can’t buy one around the hoop.


Germany loses to Spain, 69-61, Wagner with 11 pts, 3 rebs, 3 stls in 18 mins. GER knocked to classification bracket and plays Sat. @ 12pm.


I haven"t watched any of these games, but the comments make me think that Wagner has had a disappointing campaign. Has he shown improvement over last year?


Working on a more in-depth thing about how he’s played w/ video, etc. for early next week after the tourney is over.

Hard to make any sweeping statements because he’s in a very different offense and surrounded by different players. Only has so many opportunities in ~20 minutes per game.

Also hard to look great when you just can’t make a jump shot. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten how to make a jump shot.


I’ve only watched the Germany-Spain game, but the level of play is not that high and there are a lot of botched plays and bad decision-making (ill-advised entry passes, putting people in tough-shot situations rather than easy shot situations). Also, Germany’s point guard is mediocre which makes it tough on the bigs. I don’t think Moe is entirely responsible for his uneven production.


The pick and pop/roll isn’t as effective with the German PG as it is Derrick Walton. But that’s also a reminder how important Jaaron Simmons and Xavier Simpson are this year :slight_smile:


Dylan, how well does Simmons throw the alley-oop? As I much as I loved Walton, that was not a strength for him. It was great to see Mo finish some alley-oops in your FIBA highlight video.


Moe Wagner with a fast start today against Lithuania. Has Germany’s first 6 points.


Live link?



He’s up to 8 of the first 10 and the last two came from an alley-oop pass thrown by Wagner in transition.


Thank you, sir.


14 points, 3 boards, an assist and 3 steals in the 1st half for Wagner. He was 6-of-7 from the floor, efficient and aggressive half from him.


Moritz Wagner finishes with 23 points on 10-of-16 shooting (0-3 3pt) with 5 steals, 3 rebs and 2 asts. in loss to Lithuania.

Germany will wrap things up Sunday at 9:45 against the loser of Serbia/Iceland.


Last game of the tourney coming up for Moritz Wagner and Germany. Live stream against Iceland here:


Wagner with 13 points on 5-of-8 shooting in the first. Finally hit a three and looked very thankful to see one go down.


Moe Wagner has 26 of Germany’s 50 points in this one. Just had a post spin move dunk with a foul.


Moritz Wagner wraps up Euro U20s on a high note: 32 points on 12-of-19 fg, 6 rebounds in win over Iceland. Germany finishes 7th.

We’ll have a video breakdown of the whole tourney early this week.