Moritz Wagner at FIBA U20 European Championship


Ugh, great pass by Moe to a cutter out of a double team but the guy travels…

Moe caught in a switch on a small guy, gets 3’d upon

Then turns it over from a double team - things were pretty desperate by that point, and I think Moe was trying to do it on his own there. Greece is going to win


Argh, they fouled him out on a questionable post call.

Well, I hope they get a full complement of games. What I watched today was high level basketball and looks like great experience for Moe to be getting in July.


Looks like the backcourt shot Germany right out of the game. Would like to see the turnover margin as well.


Moritz Wagner with 10 points, 7 boards and two steals today. Foul trouble limited him to 19 minutes in loss to Greece.

I’m pretty sure that Germany should play on on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m against Turkey and NC State center Omer Yurtseven.


I believe everyone plays the same # of games in these tournaments with a classification system.


I figured, good to have it confirmed.

Still, would love to see them advance and play the better teams. That was quality basketball today.


Next game could be a nice one: Germany vs. Turkey in the round of 16.

Looks like a 7:30 a.m. tip EST (if I used the time zone converter site correctly), so set the timer on the coffee pot!


Moe coming off the bench again this morning (2nd time in 4 games). Germany has been trying to figure out its big man rotation.


For anyone interested


Germany leads 18-17 after 1. Moe has 3 points (3/4 FT) and missed both shots he took. Just can’t seem to get comfortable with his jumper.


Moe was 0-5 in the first half with 3 points and 3 boards. Low scoring game, tied 31-31 at the break.


Interestingly obscure, but the site (today’s boxscore: has updated Wagner’s name from Victor to Moritz. I liked the idea of him going by Victor in international play to stay under the radar. If it were true, it seems like something Beilein would appreciate.


That’s actually his first name, FWIW.


True, but I just found it curious that the German team apparently used Victor on their official roster initially only for FIBA to update their records in mid-tournament.


Moe just had a pair of really nice behind the back driving layups… Up to 13 pts in the 3Q vs Turkey.


Now a big and one dunk.


Mo heating up with two buckets about 30 seconds apart. Turkey hits two free throws to prevent him from being on fire NBA Jam style.

UPDATE: Mo’s made the last three buckets for Germany, plus a free throw.


Germany crumbling in the backcourt. just blew a 6 pt lead late with poor turnovers.


I have not seen a team fail to inbound and get the ball beyond half court so badly before. Germany is really blowing the game by this


Watched the last minute of the game on the stream (my career be damned). As was the case yesterday, turnovers continue to be a clear problem. As others have observed as well, Germany had trouble breaking a standard full court press and let Turkey back in the game at the end.

I’m glad that Germany won and that Mo gets to play another game against presumably good competition. Looks like the winner of Latvia / Spain is next for Germany tomorrow morning (9:45 EST?).