Michigan Women's Hoops

She’s from my neck of the woods!

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She looks like Jordan too

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She was supposed to go to Michigan with this name!!!

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I was hoping to see a portal score.

I don’t know how the women’s portal goes. There is no WNBA draft combine to pull out of so are there still decent players available in that portal in June? Seems like players wouldn’t drag out their decisions as long as men when the WNBA isn’t a consideration like the NBA.

I have no clue.

Ah man, we were all counting on you.

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So KBA has 4 open spots on the roster as it stands right now?

I don’t know where to post it but the discourse on CC and WNBA (and now USA basketball) is exhausting.

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I guess you could start a WNBA thread. I’d occasionally post there. Or I could modify the Michigan Players in the WNBA thread, now that we’re down to only one player.



I don’t watch much pro basketball – men’s or women’s – but noticed that the official in the background is one who often does Michigan games as well. I’ve always liked her.

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Addison Mack has set two new official visits to Big Ten programs for the fall. The 2025 5-foot-8 point guard from Minnesota will head to Michigan on Sept. 7 to watch the Wolverines football team take the Texas Longhorns.


Another mention of an offer here:

Taliyah Henderson (ESPNW No. 21)
Salpointe Catholic (Arizona) | Jason Kidd Select P24

Henderson is an elite athlete who is discovering an emerging skill set improvement. She has spent much of her time in high school as a forward and because of increased experience on the perimeter coupled with an improving long range shot and handle, she finds herself quite the hot commodity. She has a strong frame and is a tenacious defender and has that natural athlete feel for the game (the kind where you could put her on any court or field and she’d find a way to make a difference). The left-hander has always been strong on the glass with a solid base of fundamental skills, but recently she has added better finishing around the rim with her off hand and is displaying the ability to stretch the defense with her ability to knock down 3s, making her a tough close-out with her speed, explosiveness, and power. She will gain more valuable experience with the Canadian U18 team in FIBA Americas this June.

Offers: Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Arizona, Utah, TCU, Michigan, North Carolina, and Illinois

So KBA is gonna roll with 4 open schollies huh?

KBA has won more than enough to survive a stinker (if that’s what we get) in my mind. Hopefully whatever the heck happened is taken as a learning.


With women getting 15 scholarships it is not as bad as it sounds. She will have the same number of scholarship players as the men’s team assuming Jace is coming back as a walk on…