Michigan Women's Hoops

I don’t know if this will be of interest to anyone here but I thought a thread chatting about the Women’s side of things might be cool.

I read yesterday that they have 2021 verbal commitments from 2 of ESPN’s top 36 players. Guards Ariana Wiggins (#30) and Laila Phelia (#36). This comes on the heels of getting the #30 player in the country this year, forward Cameron Williams. With the likelihood that both Naz Hillmon and Amy Dilk will be sticking around all 4 years, the Women’s team could very well be a national power in '21-'22.

Having photographed 3 games in '18-'19 and about 10 games this past season, I’ve got more of a rooting interest (as well as a greater appreciation for their play) than I had 3 years ago. It’s really cool to see what Coach Barnes-Arico has built. They would’ve been a tourney team this year, had the season not been cancelled.

Does anyone else that posts here have interest in the team?


For one, I have interest. I love UM women’s hoops and KBA!


Save the MSU game, the crowds haven’t been big. I’d guess about 2,000-2,500 a game. That said, the people that do show up get into it. It’s great to see Juwan and some of the players show up when they can. Harbaugh was at at least one game too. There were a lot of times the B1G scheduled the teams at nearly the same time, which was a shame.

I’d love to see the place at least half-full in the upcoming years.


I haven’t been super interested but I did notice KBA has landed several top 50 recruits so it did pique my interest some. Would love to see Michigan’s women’s team at the top of BIG.


From what I saw, I think Maryland is the team to beat for the next couple of years but Michigan should be right up there. Maryland just has a couple of players that have a different kind of size and agility. They ran us out of the building when they came to Crisler this year.

If they become top 10-15 good that would definitely interest me! It’s just so lopsided at the top of the women’s game I can’t really get excited about an 8 seed caliber team cause it just means a drubbing in round 2. Glad to hear those recruits are coming in. I watched some last year and Hilmon is impressive


Yeah, Naz is really tough down low and when Michigan goes to a full-court press, she does extremely well at moving laterally and staying in front of guards. That was the first thing that caught my eye last season. She’s all hustle.

I don’t know how many Michigan alums have gone on to the WNBA (any?) but I think she’ll be there.

Michigan had a really short roster this year due to a couple of transfers. I think 11 total players. Then Kayla Robbins tore her ACL halfway through conference play and Danielle Rauch broke her hand and missed about 5 games. It was impressive that under those circumstances they still had a bit of a run in the B1G tourney.

I’ve never really paid much attention to Women’s basketball but I probably should. It’s a pretty cool sport.

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I too follow womens hoops. I’m surprised this topic hasn’t come up sooner.


I follow from a very elevated view. I find women’s hoops boring to watch.

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Sidor and especially Maddie Nolan has promising freshmen years as well - Nolan was huge in the BTT win over NW.

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I covered the women’s team for a year during the Borseth days when I wrote for the Daily. I’ve tried to keep tabs (more or less successfully) ever since. But KAB looks to be building a good program in what’s historically been a very weak sport at Michigan. I’m hoping to spend more time watching them moving forward.


The team hasn’t gotten much better since then but I miss Flaherty who played with a ton of swagger.

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I worked a little bit with women’s basketball in the late 90’s. I know a couple Wolverines from that era made the WNBA. Pollyanna Johns, Stacey Thomas, and a couple years later, Jen Smith. I know UM has had some ranked teams recently, but not sure if those squads sent anyone on to the pro ranks.

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I love the Lady Wolverine basketball program and felt that under Coach Barnes-Arico that if they could every string together some top 20 recruiting classes they this would catapult them into a consistent top 15 program. Coach has gotten in some very sound players and I’m sold on her bench coaching and decision making during games. If she can only keep them all injury free Coach Barnes-Arico should keep the Lady Wolverines near the Top of the Big 10 on a yearly basis.


I got season tickets for the first time this past season. I had been attending a few games a season for ten years or so. I’d love to see some content about the team.

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