Michigan Women's Hoops

It seems like KBA is still recruiting pretty well? This whole thing is weird, wish there was some investment in journalism covering the sport outside of Caitlin Clark discourse (for which I don’t blame Clark, for the record)


Move in day:



Top 12! The focus has been narrowed!


Is Syla Swords better than Caitlin Clark? Many people are wondering. Only one is an Olympian


You beat me by 20 seconds! I just came here to post that.

HVL > CC because she’s in the Olympics. /s

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if b1g schools really do split the rev share pie 50-50 between male and female sports like has been reported, b1g women’s basketball is about to be absurd

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Man, today is the last day to renew season tickets and I’m seriously grossed out by the price. The last two years they were $150 total for two tickets. This year they are $125 apiece.

While I want to support the ladies, that is an insane price increase YoY.

Because we’re a little over two hours away, we can only make a handful of games each year. Until recently, weeknight games were off the table because it made for too late of an evening on a school night, but we might be able to make some of those happen that this year.

Even so, we usually bought the tickets because it was nice to have the same seat each time and – even though we never got our full return on them – we liked to support the team in that way. But that price hike is nuts to me.

With the number of people who transferred out this year, this feels very much like a transition year. The only real draw is to see Olson and Swords.

Has anyone else passed on tickets this year? Guess I still have the rest of today to decide.


That is a huge jump, though $250 for the season still seems like a good deal to me. You can hardly get one ticket to one Lions game for that.

Doing some quick research for reserved section season tickets elsewhere in the B1G:

  • Ohio State: $186
  • Maryland: $165
  • Purdue: $165
  • Michigan State: $128 (2023-24)
  • Iowa: $125 (2023-24)
  • Indiana: $112
  • Illinois: $50

Michigan looks to be near the middle of the conference in terms of cost.

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Without seeing the schedule, it’s hard to say for sure.

I know they host IU, Iowa, OSU, MSU, Washington, Oregon, Penn State, Northwestern, and Rutgers. No idea which OOC games they have worth anything, though. Assuming they have the Jumpman game in Charlotte and including the game against USC in Las Vegas, they probably have a maximum of 10 OOC games at home, right? That would work out to about $7/game which I guess isn’t bad.

I think I’m probably struggling more with the 66% price increase in a year where they will likely be hoping for an 8-10 seed again. This year I would almost be paying what I paid for the last two years combined.

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Yeah, I can understand the upset.



A legit big!

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I just Googled her. She played for Middle Tennessee State last year and didn’t put up a lot of numbers. Still, she has good size which we’ve lacked for a couple of years. Hopefully, she has another level to rise to.

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looks like she’s from Rostov-on-Don area, which is a mere ~350 miles from Nalchik, Vlad Goldin’s hometown. accounting for the size of Russia, this means they were basically next-door neighbors:

Welcome Iuliia Grabovskaia Rebound!

She’s not bad. I strangely watched a few of MTSU games. Solid but not spectacular. She should provide them depth at a thin frontcourt.

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@bmcarteruiuc They’re out here adding players to keep you as a season ticket holder!!!

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It’s too bad her 6’6" teammate, Anastasiia
Boldyreva, isn’t coming too. She won conference DPOY and averaged about 3 blocks a game.