Michigan Players that Transfered Away



I think he has excellent feet.


regardless how Teske played on this team, Donnal is a quality backup for Clemson this year.


Again, you can look at a box score or one game and decide that, but if you ask a Clemson fan or watch their game it tells the story of a guy really struggling to keep up with the physicality of the ACC (Regardless of what random conference stereotypes are, the Big Ten has had very top heavy post play for several years now). That’s great that his offensive rating is off the charts. It was at Michigan too, he’s taken 46 shots all year, I’m not surprised at all. I’m sure his presence helps them with spacing. I just don’t think saying thank God we have Teske is being too harsh on Donnal at all.

People quickly forget the frustrations of having him play meaningful time against good teams.


I’ll never forget. I absolutely hated it. Dylan loved it and even blocked me because I said I hated it, but it was awful to watch.


Donnal was not great, but without a doubt he got way too much flack. I think a lot of it was because of his demeanor and people took that and interpreted it as apathy when it’s just his personality (MAAR has a similar demeanor on court but gets praised for it). It’s not like he didn’t belong as a power conference player. He’s a great shooter, just a dreadful rebounder. But I’m happy with Teske and would not trade him for Donnal this season.


Okay I can agree with you on people questioning his effort due to his demeanor being dumb.


It was also just so disappointing that he hardly seemed to put on any muscle over the course of five years. It may be just that his body has trouble retaining muscle, but I know that was always frustrating/disappointing for me. Physically, he at least looked very similar from sophomore year to senior year, say.


FGCU is running away with the A-Sun with Ricky Doyle averaging 5.6 PPG, 3.7 RPG, on 58% shooting in 17 MPG.

UDM is 6-17 (2-8) but Kam Chatman is averaging 17.6/8.8/2.2 on .481/.458/.857. Very impressive from Kam this year. I think his departure was best for both parties but I am very curious what he could do for Michigan right now.

Clemson is having a surprising year, I saw a bracketology yesterday that had them as a 2 seed while they are only 17th in KenPom. Donnal is still Donnal. His stats are almost identical to last year’s. Averaging 3.8 PPG, 1.9 RPG, on .551 from the field and .500 from 3 in 13 MPG for Clemson.


albeit in 20 mpg


Where would Kam’s minutes come from this year, meaning when he is on the floor who would sit? Livers? Poole? Fewer minutes for Mathews and Robinson?

As you said best for both teams especially what we have coming next year.l


Yep good for both. I think you could tell a lot of his issue here was psychological. But if he had transformed into the player he is now, guessing it probably would have affected Livers and / or Poole the most, possibly Robinson only because of his current shooting struggles. Doubt it would have affected Matthews though. Think he’s getting his minutes no matter what.


Chatman is a 4 all the way so most likely Livers never really gets a shot but Duncan could have started on the bench.


Detroit Mercy’s Kam Chatman declares for NBA Draft


I’ve been told through the grapevine that he’s looking to grad transfer if the NBA interest isn’t there.


I wonder which Big Ten contender he will end up at


Geez, some kids seemed destined to be gypsy’s. Grass is always greener.

Just wondering: thinking maybe gypsy is an offensive word these days. If so, no harm intended. I’ll check with Stevie Nicks


maybe Indiana, he was good last time played there :slight_smile:


Too bad for Bacari, but makes sense for Kam to leave. Not only was UofD a mess, but Bacari was suspended for several games.

Hmm, I wonder what team would be a good fit a 6’9" lefty who went for 18 and 8 and shot 40% from 3? And he’s even familiar with Beilein’s system! Just kidding – although crazier things have happened.


Wonder if his dad will move on from UD too


He needs to suck it up and stay put, get his MBA or whatever.