Michigan Players that Transfered Away



I can’t believe he got an ACC offer. Did they watch him???


Maybe they just watched this clip and thought he was lighting it up the whole time here:


Come on, you guys are too harsh on Donnal. He is getting 12min per game on a pretty good ACC team, with stat comparable to Teske except less rebounds.


Box score stats don’t exactly tell the whole story for a player…


Correct. There is no category for got your stuff swatted for the 5th time in the half.


Completely different type of player than Teske; Jon’s a much better fit for what Michigan needs from its backup center now, and of course he’s the starter of the future.

But if someone has to ask why a team would offer a one year scholarship to a major conference backup big that knows where to stand on defense, how to play the pick and roll, and can shoot 59% on twos, 53% on threes and 77% on free throws, I would wonder just how attentively that person watches college basketball…


Just happened to be channel surfing on Saturday, and watched about 5-10 minutes of the Clemson - Miami game. Donnal hit two 3 point bombs in the scan of about a minute Crowd was really fired up after the second…followed up with a heat check that missed. Still, was pretty cool to watch, FWIW, former target Grantham has developed into a nice player for them as well.


Am I the only one that doesn’t feel confident in Teske’s ability to be a full time starter next year? I just don’t see enough from him to trust him on offense and I’m concerned by his lack of foot speed. Sure he does some things well - set screens, protect rim, etc. But as far as full time starter goes, he would easily be a major drop from Wagner, McGary, Jordan Morgan, etc.

Can he start? Sure but so did Doyle, Donnal, Horford and those guys were (are still) criticized on this board. I don’t see Teske being any better than those guys. What am I not seeing?



Interesting thought there, SKnight. I would add to your list that he needs to be a MUCH better finisher. Nevertheless, his defense is pretty solid and will only get better. For this reason alone, I’m not all that concerned with him starting and playing major minutes next year. Additionally, he won’t be called upon to do much offensively aside from set screens, especially with the added weapons we’ll have on that end of the court.


To be honest, I think we’ll have enough weapons next year that we won’t need a Wagner type center.


Don’t mean to make this thread about Teske but to respond…Teske would be the weakest player in our starting 5 next year. Much weaker than our weakest starter right now. He may not need to do much but I’m pretty sure people will be complaining next year. “If we had a better 5…if we got more from Teske…”

Teske or Davis don’t look like starting 5’s on Big Ten Championship competing teams. Their skills are suitable for backup bigs and spot minutes. I hope I am wrong but I just don’t see it.

Let’s just say this…if Teske was starting this year, where would our team be?



Can he start? Sure but so did Doyle, Donnal, Horford and those guys were (are still) criticized on this board. I don’t see Teske being any better than those guys. What am I not seeing?

I think he’s a better rebounder and defender than those guys. He’s also shown some shooting touch, so I think he could develop into a decent offensive option.


Are you allowing for continued development by next season or assuming that he has peaked?


I expect him to develop in some areas/hopefully get stronger. But I do think his athleticism and foot speed are limited.

Also, I don’t think he’s a better shooter than Donnal. Doyle and and Horford had better foot speed IPO. I think Teske is a starter on a low tier big ten team. We may be able to overcome him starting because of the talent we have around him but I just don’t see either Teske/Davis being the centers on teams that want to make runs in March.



I think Teske will be the best (and really only) legitimate rim protector JB has ever had by next year. I also think as Dylan has alluded to, he will be a three point shooter at some point in his career. I doubt he will ever be an all big ten player but if he can block shots, finish, rebound and be a threat to step out and shoot, I think you could argue that’s the perfect compliment to guys like Poole and Iggy. Similar to when we started JMo next to 3 elite scorers


Speaking of Jordan Morgan, we all remember him fondly (and rightly so) but it’s not like he put up monster numbers. He averaged 6.4 ppg and 5.0 rpg as a senior.

Jordan Morgan college stats


And he was only a generous 6’8” and not a great leaper.


Teske will be just fine starting next year. Good teams NEED role players. Saying he’s the worst starter then throwing him in the heap pile is pretty lazy. He’ll give us 7 and 7 and play great defense.


Btw, that stretch against Miami - Donnal had an extremely effective run for Clemson and also blocked a shot or two. His stretch there is actually what turned the game in Clemson’s favor/where the game turned. I’m not upset he’s not here at all, but credit to Donnal for his play in that game, at least. I was happy for him.

Because he’s also not playing for a team I hate with the fire of a million suns.


We would have better defensive numbers.