Michigan Players that Transfered Away

Figured we could have a thread to keep up with past Michigan players that are still in the NCAA, similar to the NBA thread. I’ll be very interested to see how all of them perform this year, particularly Doyle with no sleep apnea issues. I’ll be sure to post stat updates every so often here during the season.


I’ll definitely be interested in keeping up with Chatman, Doyle, and Dawkins. I hope they’re all successful, absolutely no ill will towards any of them.

Dakich on the otherhand… :wink:

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I hope Dakisch starts for the Buckeyes :slight_smile:

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Definitely interested to see Chatman Doyle and Dawkins all could be leading scorers for there teams

Absolutely awful. I really wanted him to do well at UCF. Hopefully that can still be the case next season.


Sucks. He would be entering his last year at UM. Now he has to get a graduate degree.

Very strange news. Idk how often you hear about season-sending shoulder injuries in basketball (unless you have someone trying to rip your arm off like Love/Olynyk) and he doesn’t seem to have anything on his shoulder to brace/wrap it/whatever.

The only common basketball related shoulder injury that I know of that would put someone out 4+ months is a torn rotator cuff, but I have no clue if those need a sling/brace or not.

Lester Abram’s career was short circuited by a shoulder injury.


I have a partially torn rotator cuff. I could have gotten surgery but opted for physical therapy. I don’t think I needed a sling at any point, though I remember at one point I started getting muscle spasms and my arm was basically dangling out of the socket. No fun.

I think that pretty much all shoulder injuries are rotator cuff injuries, no?

Rotator cuff tears are not particularly common for basketball players, but, wow, it’s incredibly common for people that do a lot weight lifting. It is certainly possible that Aubrey did this in the weight room, which would s*ck.

My sports shoulder injury knowledge is limited to a broken clavicle from football and a rotator cuff injury (not tear) from baseball so I’m extremely unqualified to say anything about any of this, but I sure as hell wasnt letting my arm hang loose after the rotator cuff. Like I said before, I have no clue if everyone needs them or if mine was precaution, I just did what the docs told me lol. I’d say all signs point to a Mario Kart rage incident :wink:

No idea, but I play in an over 40 basketball league with a guy who walked in the gym with his arm in a sling just last week. Asked him what happened, said he just had surgery for a torn rotator cuff…FWIW Not sure how he did it, but think I can safely say weights didn’t factor into it at all for him

Clemson’s exhibition is currently on. Donnal 1/4 with 2 points and three rebounds (all offensive) at halftime.

Off his own missed layups I presume?

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Lol so this was all for one trip down the court for Donnal?