Michigan Players that Transfered Away



Yeah, if I was him I would leave. He rehabilitated his stock and can now transfer to a big time school and get a year of competing at the highest level again. U of D is a mess and Bacari is not long for that job. I’m frankly shocked that BA hasn’t already been fired (and maybe he would be if Kam left).

It wouldn’t surprise me to see him take KBD’s vacant spot at OSU and play with Jon Elmore, lol.


Good thing the Michigan transfer to B1G champ trend has finished.

Kam, please, go where you will get the chance to succeed but no OSU and no state.


Would Jordan take him at Butler?


Have to remember he bounced around in HS as well. Not at all surprising.


Why does he have to stay there? Their program is a disaster right now.


Dunno. You only have one life/career. So much hangs, especially if you have devoted yourself in full. I find it hard to fault people, especially if I’m not intimate with their story. I know we’ve gone around the horn on this one a little. . .


Aubrey Dawkins averaging 16 and 6 for 13-2 Central Florida squad this year.

Two losses by 1 and 2 points respectively.