Michigan Players that Transfered Away



Any updates on the Bacari situation? What happened there? I’m not in MI so don’t get the local buzz…


There was an article online in the Free Press around the 25th. Nobody’s talking, and apparently they don’t have to since UDM is a private school. Only takeaway was that he would be back at some point this year. Team seems to be doing ok, though under Jermaine Jackson. Chatman’s dad is also on staff.


What I’ve heard (and I don’t feel super confident in this information) is that he said something inappropriate to a player and UDM has suspended him while they try to find a way to fire him for cause.

Whether or not that first part is true, I do have a feeling that they regret the coaching hire and are trying to find a way to get rid of him.


Yeah. I perused their basketball forum awhile ago, and a couple of folks mentioned that. One person indicated it was captured on video. but it was all second, third hand info.


Why do you think they regret the hire?


He’s the public face of their most prominent program. He’s already been suspended for 5 games and no one seems to know when he’ll be back. That’s a pretty serious problem that no school wants to go through. From the outside, it looks like either he’ll be cleared or let go. Most things that warrant a lengthy suspension should be grounds for termination. He only coached one full season. That makes it easier to cut ties with him and perhaps harder to rebuild the good will he had.


I struggle to imagine a comment awful enough that a humble apology wouldn’t at least yield another chance. Maybe I am wrong, but I hope not; I had high hopes for him at UD.


I agree that’s why I was wondering why Reegs mentioned they regret the hire. They had a rough year but he seems to have brought in some talent. Maybe it was behind the scenes and he was trying to make changes that the administration didn’t like.



Andrew Dakich had 10 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds for Ohio State in 16 minutes tonight


Some stats at the (pretty much) halfway point.

Mark Donnal: 3.5 points per game (58% from two, 60% from three), 1.5 rebounds per game, 0.3 assists per game, 11.6 minutes per game.

Andrew Dakich: 3.3 ppg (67% for both 2pt% and 3pt%), 2.1 ast, 1.8 rbs, 15.3 mpg.

Kam Chatman: 18.3 ppg (49 2pt%, 473pt%), 8.6 rbs, 1.9 ast, 32.1 mpg.

Ricky Doyle: 5.6 ppg (60%), 3.6 rbs, 1.0 ast, 16.1 mpg.


At the pretty much halfway point, you would have to say that Donnal and Doyle are disappointments. Andrew Dakich is a huge upside surprise, good for him. Kam is also doing better than expected and he’s the only one that would have made a significant contribution for us. This version of Kam would be a nice backup, or even replacement, for Duncan.


Dang how about those shooting % across the board?!?


I’m not sure why anyone would have expected much more from Donnal. He is what he is. Doyle is only a mild surprise given the step down in competition, but he did have health issues and a year off.


Mark Donnal with 13 points and 3 rebounds at the half for Clemson at NC State.


Anyone know if Chatman is injured? He was tearing it up - 18 ppg, 9 rpg, 46% from 3 (in 3 conference games going for 18, 10, 4 (44% from 3)) - but doesn’t seem to have played the last couple of games.




Thanks, hopefully he’ll be back in action soon.


Donnal another good outing, 12pts (2/3 3pt) and 5 rbs.


Just realized I was watching Donnal. He’s had… exactly the minutes you’d expect in a game like the one he’s in.

edit: Right after I type this he gives up an and-one on lol

halftime edit: God bless Jon Teske.