Michigan Players that Transfered Away



It was a joke and meant to imply that he went down the court, missed three layups, got his own offensive rebounds and finally converted on the 4th for 2 points


Gotcha, I missed Cory’s comment haha.


Kam Chatman: 23 pts, 9/12, 4/4 from three, 7 rebounds.

Mark Donnal: 6 pts, 2/2, 2 rebounds

Andre Dakich: 17 minutes played, 0 pts, 3 rbs, 5 assists, 2 turnovers.


Thanks for the update. I’m glad we have this board topic


Wow Chatman. It’s too bad he never really fit at Michigan as we could really use a vwteran 4.

Not surprised to see him thrive a little bit as the big fish in the smaller pond.


Yup. I think that has some to do with it, and he also just looks more comfortable. Knows he’s going to get his minutes. Not worried about making mistakes.


Doyle started for FGCU but only played 9 minutes, collecting 5 fouls. He had 8 points and one rebound. His FC/40 of 22.2 is very bad.


Ha, that Doyle stat line is awesome. A lot of action in 9 minutes there. Ricky is going to have to get in shape playing those 78 possession Dunk City games.


Slick Rick in mid season form I see. Seriously though I hope he’s finally healthy and rounding into shape.


17 points, 7 rebounds for Chatman against UM Dearborn. Shot 7/10 overall and 2/4 from three.


Maybe we can get Kam back for a grad transfer year…


I’m happy for Kam that he’s found a good fit. And the year off obviously helped. I just don’t see him doing anything near that in a Michigan uniform.


Will be interesting to see how Kam plays against us in December…


On monday against Siena, Ricky Doyle had 9/11/3 in 27 minutes. Including 0/1 from 3.


I wonder if that was a half court shot or something, he’d be the last guy that I’d expect to try and be a stretch 5.


Kam chatman hit the game winner against St. Louis tonight.



Kam Chatman lighting it up at Detroit and doing so very efficiently.


Wow – 20 pts, 9 rbs a game (2 assists), 48% on threes on over 4 attempts a game. TS% of 64% and ORtg of 125. Obviously competition level caveats apply, but still, sigh…


Watched the video. Seems hard to believe that drive and shot would have worked against Big 10 competition (easy block?).