Michigan Players in the NBA



Glad someone else noticed this. Miami traded a couple rotation dudes so Duncan might have a small opening to see minutes. I didn’t watch the game but it sure looks like Trey had a very efficient game in dallas and played more minutes than their starter (Brunson). GRIIi also got some minutes for the first time in a while.


Will be interesting to see what Nik’s next move is


This week or lifetime?



Nice! Glad to see him land on his feet. Cleveland used him as a trade pawn and then brought him back after haha


what an odyssey


Nik 1-7 from deep last night and 1-9 overall.


He has had a lot on his mind lately, not to mention lots of unnecessary pointless travel.


I heard that he stayed in Cleveland after the initial trade there. Presumably the other teams told Nik they weren’t planning to keep him.


It looks like Cleveland is giving him the green light to shoot and get his confidence back. It might be make or break time.


Inauspicious start.