Michigan Players in the NBA



Last comment I’ll make on this, but an organization will have to convince him to completely change his shot selection to truly make him a top notch guy.


Awesome news for Caris:


I think it’s fair to say Prozingis has been pretty inefficient up to this point in his career. But he’s also young and has an insane amount of talent. Playing alongside Doncic is gonna help I think, as is playing in a legitimate organization with a legitimate coach.


Stauskas moving on to the Rockets now… they do play to his strength…



Perfect market for some Sauce Castillo.


Tough two days for Nik


I’d love to get Nik’s perspective on this. I assume the teams that traded for him told him to stick tight and that he may be on the move again


Pretty sure he was in Cleveland last night. Instagrammed something from the facility.


At this point what teams has he not been on?


Sounds like he might get waived from the Pacers too…


Feel bad for the guy. Running out of teams to latch onto. He was on a minimal contract so if teams don’t want him at that price, it’s gonna be tough. He may need to go the Burke route and try to dominate the G League and reinvent himself


Hopefully he comes to Minnesota! The Wolves need shooting in the worst way.


i feel like the pistons could also use some shooting too.


Hasn’t his issue been that he’s not a shooter like everyone thought he was?


Stauskas needs to get back to his roots. Go to Europe. His lack of foot speed must be insurmountable.


yeah, i had to look back his numbers. percentages arent great but arent bad either. 34% 3pt and 41% FG. Just seeing what he did at Michigan feels like he should be able to shoot well__


The few times I saw him play at Portland, I honestly thought he played pretty well, especially on the offensive end. Perhaps defensively not so much?


LeVert back, 5/11, 11 pts, 4 ast, 5 stl in 15 minutes.


Last nite could have been a record with most UM alums seeing action in the same nite: Levert, DJ, THJr, Trey, Duncan, GR3, and Crawford all clocking minutes.