Michigan Players in the NBA



He has defended very well. He’s making shots. He rebounds. He is solidly in the rotation now.


Happy for DJ, he’s rebounding and playing good D as well. He seems to be quick enough for the NBA and I wonder if he’s coming into his own. Always easier to play for a good team and find a niche vs Trey playing for the Knick’s and not having a clearly defined role.


Cap space. It’s a lot easier to keep your job as an executive if you’re constantly talking about your big picture plan to rebuild!


come on. Knicks is grecious to send Porzingis to where he wants to be. They get a clean plate to start over again, not exactly they want but not a bad choice either.


If they get KD and Kyrie like they’re planning on going for then, uh, definitely the cap space. If not… Probably still worth it considering they were gonna have to pay Porzingis far more than he’s worth.


Plus, there are rumblings that there are at least questions as to whether Porzingis will be the same coming back from major knee surgery. We all know that in general, players recover more successfully these days than in the past. But what I’ve heard is that there is more concern here due to his sheer size and bone structure.


Moe having himself a first half in GS



Then Walton inexplicably doesn’t play him a minute in the second half. (As of 6 minutes left) Terrible.



Damn. Nik has played on a lot of teams already. He can’t seem to latch on anywhere.


Tough for Nik - really thought he had found a home early in the season. Then he fell out of the rotation but would still play some good games here and there. NBA is all business though. Hope he can get some run in Cleveland.


Sucks that he’s going to the dumpster fire that is the Cavs but maybe he’ll get some consistent run since they’re so awful.


I hope you’re right, but this is exactly what I thought when he went to Philly.


Can you pay Porzingis more than he’s worth? Of course assuming he come’s back the same player he was before the injury, you’re not looking at a one dimensional role player.


He puts up flashy numbers, but isn’t exactly well regarded by efficiency based stats. Not bad, but like… solidly below Blake Griffin level.


Those two players are hardly comparable. They don’t play the same position and one of them has played for the Knicks his whole career.:joy: I don’t think Porzingis has reached his ceiling yet having only been in the league a few years, specifically in regards to efficiency. I also wouldn’t judge players solely on efficiency either.


They, uh, both play power forward. So, yeah… :rofl:

And the Blake Griffin stats I compared with were from the Pistons, so… Not exactly the shining stars of the NBA.

I’m not “judging solely on efficiency,” I’m looking at a high volume, meh efficiency player and saying that those types of players on mega contracts rarely work out for the team.


Maybe hardly comparable was a stretch. The difference between center and power forward is almost extinct in the league today. The thing that distinguishes them to me is that Blake is almost always on the floor with a larger player in Andre Drummund so I guess it was more about Blake than KP.

Yeah and those stats you looked at were his ninth or tenth year in the league? Seems pretty obvious to me why a veteran might be more efficient than a second year player in a dumpster of an org.

I think you’re grossly overvaluing a small sample of statistics and ignoring the larger picture. The limited action Caris got with Brooklyn through his first two seasons suggested he made poor decisions as the primary ball handler and he was turnover prone, but we saw those numbers drastically reduce this season before he get hurt.


…So is Porzingis. Maybe not taller, but certainly beefier. He plays the same position as Blake. In 2016 Robin Lopez was their center, in 2017 Hernangomez, O’Quinn, and Noah shared the spot, and in 2018 Enes Kanter and O’Quinn were there. Height alone doesn’t determine position, position does.

Would it please you if I used Aaron Gordon? Because same thing. Similar numbers to Porzingis efficiency wise, a fat new contract, and now people are like “ahhh they paid too much for what he’s worth.”

What do you even think I’m saying?:joy: “He’d probably get overpayed” is a valid statement for like half of the NBA’s players.

Caris LeVert’s efficiency rose with more usage this past season (Through 14 games. You’re seriously going to talk about sample size then bring up LeVert?). Porzingis’ spike in usage in his 3rd season resulted in a large drop in efficiency. Sure, you can give a max contract solely out of potential. Teams certainly do it. It’s just a bad idea in most circumstances.