Michigan Players in the NBA



I get that the money is out of this world and he’ll never want for anything ever again. But he’ll probably also never play for a team with a winning record in New York.


It’s doubtful he will be on a winning team until his contract expires even if he’s traded. I’m not sure a successful team would be paying him that much.


Yeah I mean that’s the biggest thing. THJ 100% should have taken the deal that the Knicks offered him immediately before they could reconsider. Maybe he can sign a min contract on a good team later, but no good team was gonna offer half of what he got in New York. And I like THJ and root for the guy, but he’s an inefficient blackhole that doesn’t play defense



I saw Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee. Didn’t see Trey’s name yet, though if he is part of it, I’m inclined to think his opportunity is better in Dallas; despite how bad the Knicks are.


Trey could be their JJ Barea


Hopefully Trey ends up on a playoff team and can contribute.


Still haven’t heard Trey’s name included. Hope I’m wrong cause this would probably be terrible news for Trey. He would now be the 4th point guard on their roster with Dennis Smith Jr coming in, and thus likely the odd man out.


The Knicks…HA!


Think that’s actually a pretty good trade for the Knicks. If KP stays healthy, could be a good trade for Dallas as well.


Lists Trey here

Also this:


Time will tell but who are they? What’s the goal? Get a super star and sell tickets? I’ve not seen the commitment to culture or style of play. Porzingus wanted out last year because of the losing culture…does Dolan have a plan?


DJ Wilson having a really nice game in a huge matchup between the Bucks and Raptors tonight.


Gonna have to use up one of my 5 yearly NBA game watching allotments I suppose…


the plan is to draft Zion and sign KD in the off season.


We’ll see, Zion is not guaranteed, they need to win the lottery. KD likes to win!


I agree but a risky plan is still a plan.


It’s great that they have cap space but it doesn’t give them anything except cap space. Would you rather have a cap space or Porzingis? I’d rather have Porzingis.



I read earlier in the year a poll of Bucks fans and the hate for DJ was real, but if he can reliably shoot from outside like this he’s going to be exactly what they need. That team is literally starved for spacing.