Michigan Players in the NBA



I think they traded John Henson



Nice thread on DJ Wilson’s recent play


Thanks for posting this! If there are ever more threads like this on a Wilson or other Michigan players on other teams please post it on this thread. I enjoy reading and viewing those :slight_smile:


My goodness what has gotten into Duncan


Nice highlights video of DJ in this article.

FanSided: Milwaukee Bucks: D.J. Wilson emerging as key contributor.


Lakers are so thin at forward that Moe is getting his first PF minutes today.


I wanted to respond to a comment about the NBA…I think from Dylan, that he doesn’t watch the NBA until June. I never did until the Beilen/UM kids got drafted recently. I never watch full games but catch the highlights and box scores.

Biggest surprise…DJ Wilson can ball, maybe because he comes in for the freak. The stretch 4 position for him is a great NBA fit. He also plays D!

Most upside, Trey Burke, he can play, the knicks have no assemblance of structure. He is a serviceable backup PG. stick to the fundamentals, he’s not a TO machine.

He should be more aggressive category…GRlll, don”t think just play.

NIK…waiting in the wings, he might have a future.

DR…hoping he breaks through.

MOE…his time will come

THJ…cashed in, he’s all set.

Caris…might be the best pro if he recovers.


Caris definitely has the most upside of Michigan’s NBA guys.



His defense has been really good all season. Sweet shot from deep. He has a future.


Very solid small ball 5 and part of Bucks’ success so far, will only get better once his offense opens up. A great trait of DJ is being patient and let the game comes to him.



Warriors or Lakers please. Let’s get Burke a NBA title! Nets would be cool too though having him and Levert together.


Warriors would probably release him is my guess. Their roster is pretty much set. No one never knows with the Lakers. Brooklyn likely has at least a short term need with the Dinwiddie injury.


Trey has played good ball this year, I think he will stick in the NBA. The knicks are a train wreck. Ntkilina is also being shopped…this is all about the draft picks.


I think he’d be more likely to stick through the season at LA. If they trade 3 or 4 guys for Davis there will be roster spots open. Especially if Lonzo Ball is one of them.

I dont really understand the Knicks with Burke. He was clearly better than Ntkilina this year when he got extended minutes yet they still tried playing him over Burke. Burke is also the much cheaper player to keep. But whatever. Getting out of that organization can’t be a bad thing if he can stick elsewhere.


This is why I don’t understand why THJ went back there. I mean, I get that he got paid but I still can’t fathom wanting to be a part of that dysfunctional, broken organization. The only thing that will be won for the foreseeable future in Manhattan is the draft lottery.



To be fair in the weak east they probably look a hell of a lot better if Porzingis isn’t injured this year. Hardaway was never supposed to be a #1 guy.


Yea but $72M is generational money…plus endorsements.

Watch for The deal Caris signs…