Michigan Players in the NBA



New mock draft -

Iggy 27
Matthews 38
Poole 51


Unfortunately Iggy will be first Beilein One And Done.


Sam Vecenie at The Athletic has Iggy at 50 and Charles at 40. He’s good a guy who’s rankings I’d trust a lot more than some others. He answered pretty in depth questions about Iggy as he had a lot of people asking him about it.

To kind of summarize his comments, he said he still like him a lot and does not feel like he is down on him. He mentioned that a lot of his points have been on spot up opportunities, either shooting or driving a closeout, saying that he hasn’t done a ton of creating for himself or others. He mentioned his explosiveness could be an issue in trying to finish over NBA bigs, his OREB abilities not translating because NBA teams don’t crash the boards, and his transition abilities not being worth much in the NBA because he’s not creating the opportunisties through steals or his own quickness. He also mentioned that Beilein uses him extremely well and he may not look this good with a lesser coach.


DJ Wilson finally got some NBA action last night. Had 7 points (2/3 from 3) in 6 minutes.



The '18-'19 Nets know now how the '14-'15 & '15-'16 Wolverines felt.


Interesting analysis. From what I’ve seen, I’d think that a large majority of his points actually come from him creating his own offense in the half court, which is at odds with Vecenie’s thoughts. I wonder if there’s some data on that somewhere.


He’s just reading the Synergy data. Spot up refers to catch and shoot but also catch and drive, FWIW. A lot of people get that mixed up.

Working on a big story about Iggy for next week breaking down some of the numbers there.


Dylan, be sure to address the issue: “If Iggy had gone to MSU, would he be starting?”


Yep. I think Vecenie understands this (??) and his point is valid even if he doesn’t. Big difference between attacking a rotating defense versus starting a Pick and roll or an ISO from scratch.


Yep. That is clearly the role that Brazdeikis is playing in this offense and I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with that. Surprised that it catches so many people by surprise when they see it, not just the OP in this post. Seems pretty clear (even without the numbers) to me.

We’re starting to see sprinkles of Brazdeikis getting involved in some other ways though.


DJ Wilson got a little run for the Bucks last night, putting up 7 points on 4 shots (1-2 from 3). Wasn’t all garbage time, as he got in during the 2nd quarter.


Henson trade should get DJ more playing time. Let’s see what he does with it.




Great article. Thanks for sharing.



DJ Wilson with 9 pts on 4-5 shooting (1-1 3pt), 3rbs, 3asts, 1 block in 26 mins today. Hasn’t gotten a lot of minutes but has taken advantage of limited opportunities.


Wilson nearly had a double double tonight. 9 points (4-10 FG), 10 boards 4O, 6D), and a block.


Is someone on the Bucks injured? Just wondering where all this PT is coming from?