Michigan Players in the NBA



THJ with 32 and Burke with 31 in a losing effort for the Knicks.


Also, Stauskas had 9 pts, 3 assists


Burke with 29 pts, 11 assists and 6 rebounds, including a dagger 3 to beat the Celtics. Hardaway struggled early and had a couple boneheaded turnovers in the 4th quarter but ended with 21 points.




Knicks need to make their core Burke, Hardaway, Knox and Porzingis and build from that.


Agreed…they keep going back to Ntilikina in hopes he will make progress but he hasn’t been able to score consistently. Trey neds to get the nod, he can run the team, score and limits turnovers…what more do they want?


Mudiay has been starting recently. His numbers are underwhelming, but maybe they think that Trey is better off the bench.



Moe gets his own mural in Berlin


I think you meant his own Berlin wall.




Good to see him have a game like that after a long string of quiet performances.



I forgot to share this after I attended Blazers at Timberwolves a couple weeks ago and had seats behind the media…






Is it true Tyson Chandler would have gone to Michigan if he hadn’t gone straight to the NBA? Just curious.