Michigan Players in the NBA




Full video for those that want to see. DR makes his appearance at the 1:01 mark https://twitter.com/miamiheat/status/1060567466655518720?s=21


Levert beats Gary Harris for the game-winner


The fact that Tim can carry roughly league average shooting efficiency (he’s 0.02% over league average) over that massive usage speaks well to his ability to be a quality second or third option when Kristaps comes back and the Knicks get someone else. He still has a very very very low assist rate for a guy with that level of usage - if someone is going to have the ball that much, you’d hope they’d set others up more. But he’s definitely grown a ton, even if it looks like his defense has slipped (it’s hard to do that much more offensively and maintain on D).

Caris I think may be a borderline top 30 player in the league. He’s above league average in usage and true shooting (a great sign), posts a good assist rate for a secondary ballhandler, and pretty clearly is their go-to guy in late game iso’s when they need a bucket.


Caris has come a long way from his skin n’ bones days.


Hardaway with 27 today


Not one foul on that drive? Geez.


lol. Was thinking the same when I saw that yesterday. He got fouled several times, hard. Reminds me of my days playing pickup ball on the blacktop. Tempers flaring.



Snapped his ankle. Very similar to Gordon Hayward. He saw it right away and put those hands on his head, he knew something wasn’t right. Terrible.


It wasn’t as bad as Hayward’s but it isn’t good. Definitely a season ended. Unreal.


Do not watch the replay. It’s not worth it. I’m gutted for this kid.


Awful. Awful. Awful. He was on track to being an all star and was about to get PAID next year


Absolutely terrible. Guy has had enough injuries already and was having a breakout season. Feel so horrible for him. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery.


Saw he had limited play time in the box score in what was a close game and wondered if he had an injury or something, but never would’ve imagined it would be as severe. Feel so badly for the guy, he’s worked his ass off to get where he’s at right now and looked like he had put the injuries behind him. Absolutely tragic.


So sad…his teammates were crying in yne locker room.



I saw something similar in person playing. Heard the guys ankle snap, was sure it was broken, he told me later he was sure it was broken, but no fracture. Good news for LeVert all things considered


Caris would break a bone in his foot on the most harmless looking plays and miss extended time for Michigan and now when the injury actually looks gruesome all the bones remain intact. Crazy!