Michigan Players in the NBA



2 for 3 on threes. I believe his % for the season is around 50%.


Seems like he’s got a nice, established role – guard/wing offense off the bench in a system that allows his strengths to shine. Gotta be feeling really good about this year so far.


Can’t say enough about how fit and culture impacts a young player’s career.


Caris making noise!


Caris went off for 29 against Houston, 4-for-6 from three too. Averaging 20 a game too for the season. He looks quality.


He was by far the best NBA prospect that has come out under Beilein. It really sucks he broke his foot twice and didn’t get that high lotto money.


LeVert’s second contract should be quite nice though. He keeps this up and he’s going to get a monster payday from the Nets when his rookie contract is up. Really happy for him. He seems like a genuinely great kid and I’m glad he was able to overcome his injuries.


It’s a decent start for Michigan guys. Burke saved his career last year (at least temporarily), and it looks like Stauskas May be doing the same.

LeVert is a very good pro, and is breaking out. Hardaway is putting up big numbers but there is some “good stats bad team” smell there.

Robinson, as you will recall from his time here, is extremely passive. It’s bizarre how little he does.


So has McGary completely given up basketball? I know he failed some drug tests in the NBA was was facing suspension but I can’t believe he couldn’t make a nice living playing basketball somewhere. A real fall from grace for him after his amazing run in the tourney as a freshman. It’s too bad.


Not sure of the thread for this, but Sam Vecenie (The Athletic’s Draft writer) has Charles 38th on his Board.




I didn’t go to the exhibition, but I noticed in the opener last night vs. Norfolk State that they put up highlights and gave stats on the scoreboard for our NBA alums. That was pretty cool.


Caris, too cool. Remember what he looked like as a freshman at Michigan? Wow, he has come a long way.



Hardaway went off last night again.


Man if Hardaway and Levert keep this up, they will make a push to make the all star team… the East doesn’t exactly have a ton of stars.


Hardaway’s ball handling has improved so much since he’s been in the league


But imagine how much more it would have improved if he had stayed his senior year under Beilein!:wink:


Ding Ding ding.