Michigan Players in the NBA



It’s kinda comical that the pistons are undefeated when 3/5 of their starting lineup are people who I’d say “absolutely not” when asked if I’d be happy with them in a starting lineup. I don’t know if they’re actually good yet given that every game has been so close and we don’t know what teams are gonna be like yet, but I’ll take it.


Well if Blake Griffin can keep shooting 65% from three then I would guess they are going to be good. He’s 15/23 through 4 games. Obviously, he will come back down the earth but it’s amazing that he basically didn’t even start shooting 3’s until last year. The 3 pt. revolution in the NBA is nuts. It’s only going one way.

It’s hard to say how good the Pistons are considering they have played Cleveland, Chicago and Brooklyn who are all bad teams and then Philly without Simmons. I think they can be a playoff team as long as Griffin stays healthy.


Yeah, the point differential is concerning given how bad the schedule has been so far. The pistons are at +3.2 per game. The other undefeated and one loss teams? +11.2, +11.0, +13.2, +15.3, +9.8, +8.8.

Considering how often the past Pistons teams would lose to awful teams I’ll take it.


Dwane Casey alone seems a significant upgrade with this roster. Ish and Jackson together is a wrinkle that appears very promising, especially with the early returns that Ish can shoot from three. It’s all going to come down to Blake and Reggie staying healthy. I’ll believe that when I see it.




Great news. Having watched a couple of their games I think he’ll be an instant impact guy if he’s able to be efficient. They need size and shooting.


LeVert was great against Golden State with 23 points on 9/18 (4/7 from three) shooting and 7 assists. Nearly co-led a victory against Golden State with D’Angelo Russell, but they came up short.


Nik with another nice game - 10 pts on 3/6 (2/3 from three), 5 assts, 3 rebs. With a bit of a sample size now, 6 games, he’s averaging 22 mins, 10 pts, 3 rebs, 2 assts, shooting 50% from 3.

Timmy went for 25/8/5. His shooting percentages aren’t the best but aren’t terrible and he’s putting up big numbers.


Hardaway must’ve taken LeVert’s game winner personally because he played the best defense I’ve seen from him pretty much ever.


Agreed, he played hard last night. Caris looked tired from the Golden State game…everything was short. The nets need to hit the open man…they’re really tough when they move the ball, not so much when they ISO. Good win by the Knicks!


Caris would solve several of the pistons problems. Luckily we drafted Henry Ellenson instead.




Hardaway with a nice game tonight. 37 points on 10/19 and 7/11 from three.


Mo was activated for last night’s Laker game but did not play. Missed whole preseason with injury.


Caris had 19 pts, 6 rebounds, 6 assists last night


Did he get any time on the court for the Lakers’ G-League team?


Yes played 1 game, looked rusty. 5 points, 6 rebs 3 assists on 1-8 shooting (1-6 from 3)


Stauskas with three straight 10 point games.