Michigan Players in the NBA



Good info, thanks.


LeVert another great night. 19 points on 8-for-9 shooting and 2-for-3 threes. He’s looked like Brooklyn’s number one guy thus far.


For the last year or two I know Brooklyn has frequently said they were open to everyone on their roster being traded except LeVert. Brooklyn wants him there for the long term. Hopefully next year they can bring in a few veteran stars to play alongside him.





Man, this has been a fun start to the season for our guys. I really can’t talk enough about how excited I am for Nik. Seems like he finally found a good situation for him and was able to get past the mental blocks that had caused him to struggle so much with his shooting so far in his career. I mean right now he’s the 6th or 7th man on a probably playoff team in the West! He couldn’t get off the bench in Philadephia last year.


Yeah, Nik with another nice game, 15/8/3, 5-10(3-6 from 3), got 30 minutes including late in the 4th and in OT, including that go-ahead 3. Hopefully he keeps getting the opportunities and keeps taking advantage.


While the others are certainly putting up bigger numbers, GR3 has looked solid in his two appearances for the Pistons. On defense, he’s been disruptive. Will be interesting to see how he’s used. The 3 spot is a bugaboo for the Pistons right now, so the playing time will be there if he can take advantage of it.


My guess is that hes playing more than Stanley by end of year. GR3 has more traits the Pistons need than Stanley does.


Notice how he doesn’t hesitate on the shot, catches and goes right up with it. Shooting 54% on threes after 3 games.


Staukas is the only one getting it done on a winning team. It’s totally awesome, and he seems to already have a fan base, too cool.


The only “good stats, bad team” outlier is Hardaway, whose numbers are mostly a product of usage (higher than Lebron) than actual quality play (his efficiency scoring numbers are mediocre). Caris has played great, regardless of how good or bad his team is.



I can’t believe Duncan Robinson is in the NBA. Incredible. I don’t think it can last but what the hell do i know


Duncan is there to stay. He has the size and he can shoot, smart and mature, knows what coaches want him to do.


Identifying an developing a Division 3 guy into an NBA player may be Beilein’s finest work.


And of course a ton of credit to Duncan for putting in the work and overcoming some of his weaknesses to make this possible. Proud he’s one of ours.


This is awesome with all these guys in the NBA…fun to follow! Thanks for the posts…


This is off topic, but I think the Pistons gotta look for another winger that can shoot to play alongside Bullock, and to do that I think you move Stanley and probably Reggie. The East is WIDE open from spots three-down, if you can space the floor even more with Blake playing the way he has been, that could be real solid for Detroit.