Michigan Players in the NBA




Great to see that Stauskas got his swag back.


Didn’t he do this in his Brooklyn debut too though?



This time it’s gonna be different…

Plus he only had 22 points in his Nets debut, so this is like, way different


Nik did shoot >40% from 3 and score 13.3 pts/36 min for Brooklyn, his minutes and opportunities just got kinda yanked around. He had some other big games for them, just sporadically. If he can get steady bench minutes for a good team that plays good offense, he just might find a valuable niche for himself.


He played the entire 4th Q, and something good happened almost every time he touched the ball.


I predict that the next time Stauskas makes his serial killer face while mouthing “I’m back” it will mark a new beginning in what will end up being a very good and consistent NBA career.


Michigan night in New York, Nets vs. Knicks starting now. Team channel 2 for those with league pass.


Some more Nik love


Caris career high 28 points and the game winner with a second left to beat the Knicks 107-105.

Hardaway with 29 and Burke with 9.


Looks like LeVert and Hardaway are both going to be number 1 options on their teams (Hardaway until Porzingis comes back). I wonder when the last time Michigan can say they’ve had that in the NBA was.


Maybe Rice and Webber


It was THJr against Levert last two minutes. Fun game.


Here’s the game winner


And here’s the back and forth highlights


Game winner OVER Hardaway Jr



Wolverine on Wolverine crime. Proud of both of those guys. Amazing how much of a diamond JB found in Caris.


How exactly do the NBA 2 way contracts work? Like are these games counting against Duncan’s NBA time despite him not playing?


He gets 45 days in the NBA for the whole season, regardless of games. If he gets more than that the Heat will have to transfer his contract over to a fully guaranteed contract and waive someone else under contract.