Michigan Players in the NBA



Yes, college basketball, by and large (and Michigan is an exception in most ways) is very bad at teaching kids to play - both from a skill and personal development standpoint. Guys like DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley - both who seem like good kids, so this is not a personal attack - are allowed to choose their position (neither wanted to be a college Center, and their coaches acceded) - they aren’t coached, their accommodated. Then you get to places like East Lansing, which runs a cro-magnon offense, and didn’t develop Jackson’s game a lick (another REALLY good kid, one of my favorite personalities of this draft)…it’s dark out there, and while guys like Robinson, Walton, Wagner may not have the physical tools to be NBA stars, they aren’t going to chafe at being asked to fulfill a specific role, and they aren’t going to be lost on the floor.


“they aren’t coached, their accommodated.”…nailed it!!!


DJ Wilson has a shaved head. Put up 12/3 in 14 minutes as a “starter”. Good run for a guy who didn’t get to play last year.



Duncan is 14-23 in four summer league games from three. He had 18 points and 6 rebounds today. Miami fans are loudly calling for the team to sign him


Man what an amazing accomplishment that will be if Duncan makes the NBA


I heard that Lavert is playing summer league again this year. Seems odd


Caris is on the roster, hasn’t played yet.

Honestly, if Duncan carries anything like this through the end of Summer League, with the Heat likely losing Wayne Ellington…I’m not sure Duncan “only” gets a two-way.


Duncan is playing with a lot of confidence


DJ plays with 2 inches shorter now?


Yeah, the shaved sides with top-knot fooled me on shitty highlights

Ah well


Moe with another good game last night… 16 and 8



Mo’s foul parade, however, continues - he somehow is credited with SEVEN last night.

Assuming that’s an error, that’s 17 in three games…which means his ability to hang on D is heavily in question.


Not an error, can’t foul out in summer league


You can but it’s 10 fouls.


The announcers were pretty impressed with his ability and had high praise for Coach Beilein.


LOL, so he has 18 fouls in 3 games, with the most PT being 24 minutes…

Sounds like has some work to do defensively.

(also, Duncan Robinson is 3/4 from 3 so far today (Walton still can’t make anything))


It seemed like Robinson only becoming a good (or even very good) defender in his senior year meant it wasn’t taken seriously by a lot of people (including me) in terms of his potential to be good enough on that end to stay on the court as a bench NBA shooter (two of whom - Mcdermott and Harris - just signed for 7 and 8M a year so no shame there), but maybe it is.

It really is odd that recruits ranked lower than 30 or 40 aren’t desperate to come to Michigan. If Villanova or Virginia or another school with great development and coaching wants you, then sure. But guys like Malik Hall (58th on ESPN) who are considering Michigan, seems like his odds of making the NBA are significantly higher if he chooses to play for Beilein, especially if Yaklich is around to coach defense or Beilein can assure the kid he has a sense of what he did right in finding a defensive coordinator if Yaklich gets the mid-major job we should all be terrified he will.


You are thinking like an adult, not a 17 year old kid. Who knows what is going through their heads when they choose a college.