Michigan Players in the NBA



But the real question is will Jalen Coleman-Lands make the NBA?




I won’t be surprised if he gets a two way contract as the NBA can’t find enough three baller’s!


Another one.


I haven’t seen him play in SL, but I suspect that it’s not his ability to knock down threes that he needs to prove to NBA clubs, but his ability to not get roasted elsewhere.

He committed a ton of fouls in the first game, which is a sign of being a little overmatched (look what Bam Adebayo did to Mo last night). But avoided it last night - I don’t know if that was better defense, an easier mark (he wasn’t matched up on an NBA player last night like he was in game 1), on just more lax play.

I hope he makes it, Williams College to the NBA in 4 years would be amazing.


Moe essentially talked Bam into getting T’ed up last night too. Two straight nights Moe has really gotten on his opponent’s nerves.


Hopefully he can do it and play well text time.


“It’s just two points.”
-John Beilein


Sounds like the Heat prioritized Duncan as a post draft target, and that he made an impression in camp leading up to the summer league games. Awesome to see.

“That was somebody that Chet went after right away as soon as the draft was over,” Heat summer-league coach Eric Glass said of Heat Vice President of Player Personnel Chet Kammerer. “You can see why. Chet doesn’t miss on too many guys.”


Walton and Duncan a combined 3-5 from deep early today. Walton looks pretty nice at the point, penetrating and finding open shooters all over the place



4 blocks too



So if you ever expected to see posts such as these on an NBA team’s forum raise your hand…


Bagley was matched up with Duncan a few times throughout the first half. Duncan went right at him.


The young men are all well coached and have their game under control. It’s more than I can say for several of the Heat players…they missed Duncan on several open looks! Some of these guys have no experience in the high pick and roll or don’t care about giving it up…hard to watch when you
don’t hit the open man!


Probably best to remember that summer league is basically a D-1 all-star pickup game, and is just as ragged as that suggests…and the Heat Summer League roster, because they’ve drafted 1 guy in the past three years, is really thin - they’ve got Bam, their two two-way guys from last year (Walton and Derrick Jones Jr. who is killing the SL), Duncan and some guy I’ve never heard of. Most SL teams are going 14 deep, the Heat are playing like 7.

We know that Duncan and Walton are smart players - that should show here.


Thanks, all good points and far beyond my reach. I’m always surprised that kids can’t see the changes in the NBA game. If you want to play so badly at the next level find a college team that emmulates the NBA game. It’s not always about challenging at the rim…it’s only 2 points! Appreciate the insight!


Many of the high level prospects have never been held accountable until they get to the NBA. There is a difference at UM compared to other places. You have to earn it. It’s really that simple. Beilein runs NBA type sets and has NBA type lingo (maybe even more than the NBA) and the adjustment isn’t as big on the court. Obviously, there is a drastic change in length and athleticism but guys like Duncan has been in that boat before.