Michigan Players in the NBA



Again, the stats you cited are indeed higher for Bullock, I never claimed they weren’t. You’re simply WAY overstating just how different they are.


Regardless, Bullock I think has established that he can get you most of that 3 & D goodness in significant minutes, which Glenn has yet to.

That said, I think Glen plays - he just does so over Stanley, who neither brings the “3” nor the “D”.


Stanley brings the D… he’s the best perimeter defender the pistons have. He is just incredibly inconsistent on offense.


In regards to Nik, what is league min these days? About 1.5 Million?


Depends on your years of service in the league. Nik’s contract is for ~$1.62 MM.


Eh. Most metrics suggest Stanley isn’t even that good defensively (marginally better than Bullock) particularly on the perimeter. His best asset is strength. And those shooting are so unspeakably bad he’s net a well below replacement player. If Bullock and Robinson were to repeat their performances from last year they are far superior options at the 3.


Nik ended up in a good situation. The Blazers for some reason opted not to extend more established NBA players (Pat Connaughton was actually pretty good as a reserve 2 for them, Shabazz Napier was quite good as a backup point guard), so Nik is now probably the first guard off the bench (especially since they like to play CJ as a point when Dame sits).


Great outcome, now Nik just needs to make some d*mn shots in games that count.




Well they just signed Seth Curry. So now Nik is the 2nd guard off the bench.


Anyone else watching this Lakers summer league game?? Moe is talking so much s*** to Harry Giles it’s incredible


Other than getting posterized, Moe had a nice half. He’s great at getting under people’s skin.



D Walt went a porous 1/12 (0/9 from three) from the field in his 2018 Summer League debut, with a line of 5-5-5 in 33 minutes.Duncan. also on the Heat, started and played 21 minutes, but shot 1/4 from three and scored 3 points.


Summer league is tough to watch…not much ball movement. Who ever brings it up shoots or goes 1 on 4 to the rack…except for Walton.


No shame in that. Bagley is going to collect bodies all over the league. A lot of guys wouldn’t have been competitive enough to even try to challenge that. Glad to see Mo not in that camp.


More any interested, Lakers v. Heat in 5 minutes on ESPN2. Moe vs. Derrick and Duncan.


Duncan 4-for-5 from three and a big dunk already halfway through the second quarter. Miami up huge. Moe is getting into it a bit with Bam Adebayo.


I’ve watched most of the game and if Duncan plays anywhere like he is right now, there is no reason for him to at least get a two way contract. Comparable to JP Maruca, who signed a two way with the Hornets.

I don’t want to overreact to just one game but he looks good all over the floor.


Division III to the NBA would be pretty dang cool