Michigan Players in the NBA



Love the signing for Detroit. Needed a backup SF and he’s a good 3 and D player for not a lot of money.


I think this is going to work out real well for both parties. Pistons get a contributor on a low risk contract, GRIII gets clear path to playing time.



Wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a clear path to playing time. Gonna be competiting with Galloway, Kennard, Johnson and Bullock for minutes. And the Pistons just drafted two off guards as well.


Nice deal for GR3. $8.3 million for two years even if the 2nd yr is a team option. He’s pocketing $4 million next year which is probably more than most people thought he would get in this market.


I think it’s a very clear path to playing time. Pistons are seeing him as a 2/3 (maybe a 4 in specific matchups, but I’d say that’d it’d be rare to see him there). Kennard is a 2. Galloway is a combo guard. Johnson is a 3 and Bullock will probably see minutes at the 2 & 3. I don’t see Bruce Brown Jr taking minutes from him. Khyri Thomas is a combo guard.

Basically his competition is Johnson, Bullock and Brown. The latter, unless he really impresses in summer league and fall practice, is probably going to be a Gleague player all season. And he can’t shoot, so GRIII has that on him already. So basically, it’s down to Johnson, Bullock and GRIII for minutes at the 3. Johnson will get some, but if he can’t shoot, there’s no reason to have him out on the floor if Griffin and Dre are on the floor as well. Would really shrink the floor for the offense. Bullock will probably spread minutes between 2 & 3. Johnson will also play some minutes at the 4. It looks pretty clear to me.


I feel like there’s no guaranteed minutes with the Pistons, but if he proves he can play, he’ll get a real shot and that’s about as good as he can hope for at this point. Bullock, Johnson and rookies aren’t exactly world-beaters. If he can make threes at the clip he has so far and then defend willingly he could easily get 20 MPG


I don’t think it’s guaranteed, but it’s a pretty clear sell from the Pistons to him:

  1. Bullock and Johnson are our current SF
  2. Both those guys have had up and down careers and will also probably get minutes elsewhere
  3. Profit


Bullock is way better than GRIII, so he’ll probably be fighting Kennard/Johnson/maybe Thomas for backup 3 minutes


Kennard will not play much, if any minutes, at the three. He played there in only a handful of games last season and that’s with the Pistons needing guys there. Thomas is a combo guard. He will not play one minute outside of the 1 or 2. Brown is the rookie wing. I think he will play in the G league unless he improves his shooting substantially this offseason. He was a sub 30% shooter from deep in colllege. Stanley will get some spot minutes at the 4 when Blake needs a rest or we are going small. Bullock will get some minutes at the 2 & 3.

Basically, he’s competing with Stanley for backup minutes at the 3. Stanley will also play minutes at the 4, so there will be some available. It’s a pretty clear sell and he’ll know what he has to do to get playing time.



“Way better” seems like quite the stretch, GR3’s last full season PER was 11.5 and Bullock’s was 13.6. At the same age Bullock was right where Robinson is now.


PER is a garbage stat that basically has no use in modern discussions. All of the other “aggregate” advanced stats have Bullock decisively ahead of GRIII. Just look at their stat lines. Bullock was an elite shooter last year in a low-level starter role, which is a lot more than GRIII has shown in his career so far.


Lol, however you look at it (Per 36 minutes, per 100 posessions, etc.) it’s an incredible leap to say that Bullock is “way better,” especially when you look at them at the same ages.


Well a coach doesn’t care if 24 year old Robinson is better than 24 year old Bullock, he cares if he’s better now. He’s not. Also probably worth noting that a large reason 34 year old Robinson was better is because Bullock tore, played on, and then sat, with a torn meniscus. Bullock canned 45% of his 3’s on 4 attempts a game last year!

That said, they probably aren’t paying him $4 million for two years to sit. Stanley Johnson is hot garbage - I think Robinson takes his minutes.

I’m skeptical - his shooting numbers look good, but if he really is a 3-D wing, something the NBA has desperately sought out for five years - why has he had such a hard time getting on the floor?

This seems like buying a lottery ticket for the Pistons.


Moe is gonna be a great fit with Lebron


Never said he was. Also, a coach doesn’t sign a player, a front office does. They very much care about potential and career trajectory. As The Athletic titled their article, “With the signing of Glenn Robinson III, Pistons spend on potential, not placeholder”

This confuses me. He hasn’t had a hard time, he’s been injured. The season he started to get going he played over 20 mpg and started 27. Then he got injured in training camp this past season and wasn’t able to miraculously jump into the lineup at full speed in the last month. And what makes his shooting numbers simply “look good” rather than just “they are good”? He’s at 39% over like 200 or so attempts in the past 3 seasons.


Not sure how you can look at Bullock’s 61.5 TS% on a usage % significantly higher than all but one of GRIII’s seasons and say that Bullock is not way better.

Reggie is a guy who has proven you can start him and he can fill a low usage role as an elite shooter and not be a disaster elsewhere. GRIII has been a worse shooter in a smaller role while also being worse inside the arc. Neither of them contribute significantly in other aspects of the game, but Bullock is much much much more effecient.

It’s just not a comparison right now.


Can someone explain the tweet to me? Is this just because of Moe’s fit with the team now that Lebron will be on it?


Over the past few seasons, the most deadly offense in the NBA outside Oakland has been, in shorthand, “Lebron + Shooters”. This was perhaps most deadly two years ago (they had a historically deadly offense overshadowed by Golden States even more historically deadly) with Kyrie, Love, Korver, and JR Smith on the floor with him.

Mo obviously fits in with that ethos.