Michigan Players in the NBA



Not sure I would call Caris a “marginal” prospect, but otherwise I agree.


It depends on the college program. I feel confident JB is very good at developing offensive skills. Sure, you have to go to class. But how many NBA guys are in the gym non-stop? Not many.

And have you watched a G-league game? It’s like AAU ball, except maybe worse. I don’t see a lot of player development going on, and not many guys from the G-league make it to the pros full time. For example, I think Mo Wagner did way more for himself by returning to Michigan than he would have by going to the G-league last year.


Eh, the hit rate of even late-first rounders is marginal, and despite spending 2 more years in college than Nik, only played 200 more minutes.

I guess what I’m saying is that if NJ could help him become a reliable NBA rotation player (I think they have), it’s harder to say the Nik’s lack of development is on their staff (he hasn’t been there long admittedly, but I’d hold the Philadelphia staff in similar esteem at finding and developing playable NBA talent).

Sacramento is obviously the worst with a bullet and has been for a decade, so whatever.


Well stated…NIk can still play, I think it’s fit and confidence. At Philly the best pass was usually in the front row of section 6…not much ball movement when Nik was there.


Pistons need shooters who won’t require a lot of money.


Pistons need a mulligan on the Blake Griffin trade.


The Griffin trade was an ownership move. Casey sure took up the company line about the Pistons being ready to win now, though.


If Stauskas can get his shot back maybe he can catch on in Cleveland if LeBron returns? They definitely need shooting and already don’t play any defense.


Korver still has two years left on his contract. No reason for them to take on another player that can shoot threes and not play defense. Especially when Nik hasn’t shown he can shoot the three consistently. He’s had solid % from deep the past couple seasons, but it’s not like he was shooting at a high volume each season. I think Nik’s best bet is to get consistent playing time on a bad team so he can prove he can be a consistent contributor. But he’s been on bad teams his entire career and couldn’t break through.


DWALT…still getting paid!!





Heat/Lakers on national TV this Tuesday featuring three of our guys. Genuinely stoked for that.


After the discussion about Stauskas’ potential 2nd contract, GRIII is also up for his 2nd contract. (or had he been an FA before?). Either way, he’s hitting FA and is an intriguing potential 3 and D guy. He’s actually been better on catch and shoot than Stauskas in the NBA, as he was 95th percentile last year in his shortened season.



Good to see…I hope he sticks!


Love that spot for him. Competent organization, competitive team, they’ve made fringe guys successful the past few years. He could easily play the Allen Crabbe/Pat Connaughton role.


Zach Lowe said on a podcast this week that the high level scouting teams love griii


GRIII to the Pistons