Michigan Players in the NBA



Juwan might be getting a look as the Knicks HC. Dysfunctional franchise, so I wouldn’t see it ending well for him (or anybody reall). But he’s done his time and should start getting serious looks as a HC



Those are some :snowflake:️ Comments


Maybe if DJ had stayed, he would have learned how to write “should have” and not “should of”. Sorry not sorry.


Was he pre-engineering? “Should of” has two fewer letters and is thus more efficient. :sunglasses:


I read DJ as saying DJ should have stayed another year.


I interpreted it as DJ busting Mo’s balls to say since DJ is now in the “Michigan fan” position and wants his team to be good, lol.

I guess it could be DJ indicating that he wish he had gotten to play with the team last year, but I completely missed that on the first read. Man, if we had DJ in the rotation this year instead of Livers…


They are just making fun of the constant stream of people in their Instagram comments who tell them to PLEASE STAY PLEASE STAY PLEASE STAY. He was not saying that he wishes he stayed a year.


Thank you, Dylan. DJ was basically just trolling here.


I thought so too, but I could honestly see it being the other way. Don’t want to get too into the details, but adding an exclamation point at the end makes it up in the air. Not that it matters at this point, just an interesting thought.


Can we make this a regular part of the blog for your interpretation of social media comments from prospects and former players?


LOL. Please no. I just have a hard time seeing how someone could say that a guy making $2 mil/year thinking he made the wrong decision.


Yeah he was pretty clearly just making fun of the usual commenters on their posts, like the ones that replied to DJ saying he should have stayed. DJ has made an almost identical post on Mo’s page before.


Haha, it doesn’t need to be taken so literally. I really am not in a position to interpret what all of these very young people are saying as I don’t have any sort of experience with social media (and I am not young) but it easily could have been DJ saying “it would have been awesome to experience this moment with you guys”.

That was just my reading.


I am essentially DJ’s age and that’s what I was getting at above. Never interpreted as I made a mistake going to the NBA, just that in the context of a big ten title, that looks to be an experience he would’ve wanted to have been a part of.

I’m bored at work today or else I wouldn’t dive this deep into such an insignificant detail.


I don’t want to make this a bizarre exercise of interpreting a minor social media comment that has no bearing on the future or present of Michigan basketball… BUT Mo clearly interpreted it as “Mo you should’ve stayed” not “I should’ve stayed” considering his response of “Just trying to be as cool as you bro”


Almost definitely multiple meanings were intended. Multiple possible responses are to be expected. The least truthful interpretations are the interpretations that, from a self-appointed-position of “authority”, exclude possible intended meanings.


It’s clear to me that this comment is just the first signal in that D.J. Wilson will continue on this path of multi-meaning media works. First Instagram comments, next he will direct films that will rival David Lynch’s in terms of amount of various meanings for the viewer. We are truly witnessing history.


He went from the drip boys haircut to the braided weave - what does it mean???


I interpreted it as DJ expressing his felt conflicted-emotional response, which was triggered upon seeing the image of the team celebrating, and the realization that he was unable to take part in the image directly because of his own finitude. (I am not joking.)

The big hair is not needed after the NBA measures them without shoes…

Just my guesses. :slight_smile: