Michigan Players in the NBA



Here’s what I was referring to regarding it being a running joke.


Yes thank you! I knew I had seen other comments from the guys joking about that but couldn’t find it.


That “[t]he love be so fake, but the hate be so real” comment. . .


This must be the official start of the summer blues.


LOL. We have definitely reached peak offseason in the last 24 hours.

Hoping to do some more analytical look backs at the season in the next few days/weeks which should hopefully get us talking about some more interesting stuff :slight_smile:


I am still counting on you breaking down the social interactions within the team this offseason. Spinning who is beefing with who. Girls getting involved with the team. Dissecting social media interactions. I think this could get picked up by Bravo!


You guys do a great job Dylan…no rush! Still basking in the glow of success for this team! What a great run!


It’s the reason I won’t sign up for Patreon. There isn’t enough social media analysis on this site.





Where will Nik land?


Unfortunately, there is a chance he falls out of the league, in my opinion. Hopefully, he gets a minimum contract somewhere or a chance to make a team during camp, but there is a real chance he won’t be on an NBA team to start this next year.


He would have to get lucky to stay on a team IMO. He hasn’t shown the ability to do anything other than shoot threes the past couple seasons. His FG% inside the arc is pretty terrible. And he gets targeted on defense. Unless he’s shooting 40+% from three on a consistent basis, it’s hard to justify having him on a roster.


He’s going to join Mo on the Lakers, as they’ll be looking for league-minimum guys after they add LeBron, Paul George, and Kawai Leonard. :slight_smile:


Nik isn’t going to be in the league this year. We all had better start hoping DJ can find some minutes this year too…


I don’t watch much NBA anymore. I hope for Nik’s sake that he can continue his dream, but if he can’t, maybe it will be a wake up call to other college players that are all too eager to give up their eligibility.

It should also point out that getting drafted isn’t the end goal. Staying in the league should be the measuring stick. You better be good enough when you enter or have the potential and work ethic to get there soon. Otherwise, there will be 60 new guys every year looking to take your spot.


He was a lottery pick. Got a guaranteed contract. Would have been more likely to have a career threatening injury than getting drafted in a similar position had he stayed.

Nik’s career is a cautious tale about how you’ve got to have more than one skill to stick in the NBA. Gotta play both ends of the floor. If Nik couldn’t develop into that kind of player by being a pro, having access to personal coaches and great player development tools that comes with an NBA franchise, it wasn’t going to happen by staying in school and fulfilling his eligibility.

Moe may not last in the NBA. But he made the right decision, without question, to leave when he did. Same with Nik.


He was picked in the top-10 and has made over $10 million playing basketball. He should be a wake up call to go and get your money when you can because you never know how long it will last.


If his goal was to make $10 million and have a 4 year career riding the bench and bouncing from team to team, then we should all be happy for him that he got to live the dream.


Nik will have a long career as a commentator after he stops his playing days. He was doing guest appearances on TSN within his first year in the NBA.


This is what you usually say, take the money and run. But that’s not what you do. You have poured thousands of hours into this site with rather minor compensation, and I think you’re rather glad that you did it. (And I’m glad too.)

$10 million and a 4 year bench warming career is not a great outcome in my book. Maybe if Nik stayed at UM for another year he would play 8 seasons in the NBA and start for two, and make about the same money. That would be a better outcome, from my perspective. Fulfillment, and PT, count for a lot.