Michigan Players in the NBA



Here’s what I was referring to regarding it being a running joke.


Yes thank you! I knew I had seen other comments from the guys joking about that but couldn’t find it.


That “[t]he love be so fake, but the hate be so real” comment. . .


This must be the official start of the summer blues.


LOL. We have definitely reached peak offseason in the last 24 hours.

Hoping to do some more analytical look backs at the season in the next few days/weeks which should hopefully get us talking about some more interesting stuff :slight_smile:


I am still counting on you breaking down the social interactions within the team this offseason. Spinning who is beefing with who. Girls getting involved with the team. Dissecting social media interactions. I think this could get picked up by Bravo!


You guys do a great job Dylan…no rush! Still basking in the glow of success for this team! What a great run!


It’s the reason I won’t sign up for Patreon. There isn’t enough social media analysis on this site.