Michigan Players in the NBA



I’m worried based on his highlights that the difficult mid range shots will regress in efficiency, but the power of the Iverson look must not be downplayed. I mean…


He hit those mid-range shots with volume and efficiency at Michigan. I think it’s just part of his game. And an important part for a 6-footer.




Despite the loss, Trey had a solid game for the Knicks against the Pistons on the same night Michigan played. Had 18 points, though it took him 17 FGA to do so. BUT he had 15 assists to get the double double. THJ also had 18 points on 17 shots



Trey is also mentioned as a starter here: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23025857/zach-lowe-2018-luke-walton-all-stars-nba



Stauskas had 18 pts, 4 rebounds, 3 assists tonight


I have to admit I thought Stauskas shooting ability would translate into a better career than it appears he’s headed for. Guy isn’t even getting a lot of minutes on a terrible Brooklyn team, can’t be a good sign. That dunk was nice though.



While we’re waiting for one of JB’s guys to become a star, at least we can take comfort in their culture:

Pretty cool, really. Caris looks sharp in the glasses.


I hope that Stauskas hangs out with Burke over the off-season and find a way to come back.


this is just a test as im a new poster


Needs some improvement, but I’ll give you a passing grade :wink: .


Tracking Caris…


Some quality use of the language in article:

“LeVert is probably the best ball handler the Nets have and is inept at getting to the basket, which is impressive for a guard.”


Hmm, think the word they were looking for was “adept” … (Or is he in fact very bad at getting to the rim? I watch very little NBA so I don’t know though I suspect it was a mistype.)


No, he’s quite good at getting there.


Okay, I was going to say, he was quite good at Michigan so I found it hard to believe he suddenly became terrible at it. Guess they don’t do much editing at Fansided.


I hate shitting on the mass-owned SB Nation and Fansided team blog because usually the writers have no clue what they’re getting into before they start, but I must say the Michigan one is hilariously bad to the point where there’s no way they have editors.