Michigan Players in the NBA



Sure dominating doesn’t guarantee it, but you need to be an elite-level G League player to be called up.


Maybe I’m in the minority but Zak Irvin drove me crazy as a fan. Injuries didn’t help his career but it always felt like he took the worst shots at the worst time (19 footer with a guy in his face). I’d personally be shocked if he was an NBA guy at some point. His FT pct through college makes me question whether he could ever be a great 3 point shooter in the NBA which he would have to be and I can’t see him being a guy who can really lock up NBA guys at his position.


Big Mo…Big Apple…



The comment section:

“Michigan is likely…
…anywhere from a 2-4 in the tournament. They aren’t going to be looking at being the underdog unless/until much deeper in the tournament. I think I get what you’re saying though. If he has some good performances in the tournament, he could move up a bit.

Realistically they should never have been underdogs to MSU anyway. Already beat them by double digits once and Michigan has a clearly better resume than MSU at this point. And their 2 losses to Purdue were by a combined 5 points, one on a terrible call.”


Every time I see these clips I think of the Illinois game he was dominating and got injured in. First game of the B1G slate. 22 pts, 10 asst. Such a bummer!


This is pretty cool




Trey with the shoutout from CP3


42 points three days after Hardaway dropped 39!

What an unexpected explosion from Burke this year, I really thought he was done after last season.


I think my name says it all, but I cannot be happier for the guy. He was also a big reason the Knicks beat the Wizards last night.


Update on D.J. Wilson’s season with the Bucks.


The author acknowledges he was picked as a long term project but then goes on to complain about a lack of current production, I don’t like that at all. His “proof” being superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, which seems kinda dumb. Not all projects immediately turn into stars.

I kinda get the “not dominating D League” thing, but I don’t think Wilson was expected to be the type of guy to dominate any level. He’s very much a “picks his spots” guy.


I agree. However, I was encouraged that the author thinks D.J. most likely will be a rotation player someday.


Find it hard to put much stock in this highly conjectural report about a 22-year-old. Seems like his numbers are in fact quite decent both with the Bucks and in the G league, but that fitting him into the rotation productively may be the challenge. The author calls 11 for 11 from the free throw line “quirky,” which is just. . . thoughtless; IIRC, Wilson was money from the FT line. Writing off a 22-year-old just seems dumb, whether Milwaukee is the place for him or not.

EDITED because. . . four years is probably a lot to an NBA scout but still seems young to me. :slight_smile:


DJ is 22 but who is counting?


Same guy wrote a “Why DJ was a bad pick” article before he ever set foot in the league, even summer league. He clearly has an axe to grind.


The author does seem to be quite the knob.

The Bucks have no head coach. This and depth at the four are two reasons why Wilson’s time in Milwaukee might be short lived. Many a career have been derailed by a player being drafted to the wrong team with front office instability.

Also, a lack of minutes and shots could be answered easily by the coach, if Jason Kidd were still around. The interim guy isn’t going to be interested in projects. He’s gonna want to win, win, win.



This is really good… Apparently Anthony Rhodman is the Trey Burke whisperer.