Michigan Players in the NBA



If I recall correctly, McGary also had too rather lengthy absences for “personal reasons” during his time, and was up and down from the G League as it was. The NBA front offices obviously need to tolerate weed to a decent degree as it’s famously ubiquitous in the league - I’m thinking his placement now is due to simply not being good enough to be worth the headache.

He posted good rebounding rates, but his advanced stats, like box plus minus, were really brutal…


He’s going the route of one of my all time fav college players: Royce White.
I would get season tickets if a team had Royce White and Mitch McGary on it

Oh wow Royce White POY and Champion in Canada eh


You notice KD gave him his propers.


To be fair, Royce had (likely still does have) real problems that make him an ill-fit for a place like the NBA. This is something he was open about when he was drafted, and came to an agreement with the Rockets that it just didn’t work.

Mitch’s problems by and large are that he had a spotty record showing up for work and a worse habit of communication. Maybe he has undiagnosed issues like White has, I don’t know.



Great night all around for our guys. Caris with the career high as you posted, Burke with 11 points and 6 assists to make it 5 straight games scoring double digits, and Hardaway with 24 points on 11/21 shooting. Unfortunately Stauskas appears to have fallen out of the rotation and I think Walton has to be in the G-League due to the two way contract rules (where he’s averaging an efficient 13 points with 7 assists, 4 rebounds, and 1.5 steals).


Anyone with ESPNInsider want to tell us where they rank Moe after the Big Ten tourney?


They have him at 55. Last quote from the write-up on Mo:

He’d likely get picked somewhere in the second round if he decided to keep his name in the draft but also could benefit from coming back for his senior year and continuing to work on his weaknesses, namely his defense, passing and overall feel for the game.


I got to thinking about Wagner’s potential return yesterday. I’m pretty 50/50 on what he will do and I think there’s a fair argument either way. I don’t think he will ever become a lottery pick, at least not with the talent on the roster next year so maybe it does make sense to leave now.

But if he were to return…I think he would have a fair shot at leaving a legacy of a top 5 player in program history. He might be the favorite for Big Ten Player of the year next year. Presuming a decent run to the Sweet 16 or better this year plus the potential of being a top 5 team nationally next year…Moe could go down as the best player and the face of one of the best 3-year stretches in school history.

Not that any player should have to feel compelled to “leave a legacy” over getting himself paid…but Moe does seem to be one to care about that kind of thing. I’ll be really interested to see what happens.


This is where I’m at too! Logically, it makes sense to go play pro and start making some dough. Even with a great NCAA run this year, I just don’t see him getting into the first round (though I do think he’ll have a career in the league).

His mindset is just so different than the typical guy in his position, that if he gets similar feedback from the scouting combine, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he did come back!! But I’m not getting my hopes up because I think its 50/50 at best.


With his improved ball-handling and rebounding, I see a chance Moe works himself into the first round. I think that a lot of teams will find him an attractive ticket-selling presence on their teams. But he will have that personality a year from now too, and could well have worked himself into greater renown as a Big Ten Player of the Year, etc. I believe that he is enjoying his experience greatly, but I will still be a little surprised if he comes back.

If he DOES come back this is going to be a crowded team, but a crazy-talented bunch.


Honestly if I were in Moe’s position I’d probably stay in the draft if I was predicted to be early second round. He’s obviously not me though, so we’ll just have to see.


I would stay in college and braj out with my homies.


Does he have no brajettes? :slight_smile:


I can also see it going either way. Going pro Mo would obviously be able to achieve his dream but at the same time he seems to really love college. Ultimately though, I think it’s early to say. We have seen how fast draft stocks change after/because of the tournament.

Definitely hope he stays.



Zak Irvin’s G League Stats as of 03/08/18:

8 Games Played (4 Starts), averaging 28 mins per game:

  • 7.6 Points (52%FG, 33% from three, 89% FT)
  • 6.3 rebounds
  • 1.5 assists

Best games being 13 points/12 rebounds and 11 points/9 rebounds.

Do you guys think he has a shot to crack an NBA roster as an end of the bench guy?



He has to have the ability to defend and shoot closer to 40% from 3. It’s all about fit though. He has to find the right spot for him and his abilities. No other way to put it when a guy is a fringe NBA player.


Agreed. He would have to be a “3 and D” guy off the bench but if I had to guess, his chances are slim. Wonder what happen in Europe that he came back. Have to imagine he was set to make more out there than the G League.



You need to be dominating the G League before you can be an NBA end of bench guy


Not 100% true. It could be as simple as the NBA team having injury issues and you get a chance. Jimmer Fredette was dominant in the G League and couldn’t get a call up. Every single situation is completely different.