Michigan Players in the NBA



Trey getting some positive press…


I’m curious about Mitch and his status in the NBA. I wonder if there’s more to the weed issue than being reported. Seriously…it’s being legalized in so many states across the country. It seems odd that an NBA team would not take a chance given his skill set. Is he completely off the radar…except for bowling?

Good luck to the young man!


I don’t think he’s really working out much. At least based on his Instagram


What a shame…so much talent!


Found this…Zak


Painful to think about. He really developed into the ideal JB ‘4’. You’re right, he obviously made the right decision. But, we probably would’ve been a pre-season top 15 team and risen even higher. I love what Livers and Duncan are providing, but DJ single-handedly provided both skill-sets and was a better defender. Hope he can get his feet under him, in the NBA.


I’m sure it’s not the weed itself, but rather his seemingly complete and total lack of ability to stop using it despite being suspended on three separate occasions over 2 years. It’s a bad rule, but he’s proven he can’t follow it.


Kids who are dealing with a certain kind of issue, including ADHD, often find it incredibly helpful; I speak from personal experience. It also works very well with the extraordinary pressure that many players are under. When they go out and drink much worse things often happen. It’s not as though weed’s health impacts are totally benign but it’s time to legalize it. Especially when laws are laxly enforced in some communities, not in others. . . time to end all the contradictions–and wasted enforcement money. Mini-rant over!



Anyone care to translate this for me?


I mean whether it’s helpful or not, he had several chances and still failed. Probably 2/3 of the NBA consistently uses it yet doesn’t get caught, he got caught twice at that level. That’s his fault.


Trey with back to back 26 point games, Hardaway had 17.




Where’d you find that? Is it a recent pic?


Stauskas posted it on IG today. And then it was reposted by Irvin and Corey Person


Highlights from Trey’s most recent 26 point effort


That floating jumper from the side. . . that takes some serious skill.



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