Michigan Players in the NBA




New York is becoming the NBA graduate school for UM.


I have no inside information whatsoever, but the Knicks seem to do a pretty decent job of developing their players. Porzingas became a star fairly quickly. And even veteran guys like Michael Beasley, Courtney Lee, Kyle O’Quinn, and Enes Canter among others are playing about as well as they ever have.


Hardaway is 2/28 and 0/12 from three since that reunion game against Brooklyn.



Nice debut for Irvin in the G League… 10 points, 10 rebounds and a few assists


Heat’s G-league team is in Sioux Falls? A lot of incentive to get back to Miami.


I tend to be a bit of a contrarian anyway–always wanting to examine common assumptions–but I might say that I have recently seen Sioux Falls cited as a pretty neat place. “Cultural center of South Dakota” might not warm all of us up a much as some might hope, but it’s number one on some lists: https://www.forbes.com/best-places-for-business/list/small/


Sioux Falls isn’t bad for a small city. It’s not a college town athletically speaking so their fans really support their minor league teams.



Half way through the third and THJr going bananas tonite with 37 on 14/18 shooting


Oof, missed his last 6 shots in a close loss.


Caris…running the point feeds to Allen!


Trey having best game in years. 20pts 6asts in middle of fourth qtr


Trey finishes with 26, 6 and 5… Hardaway with 23 and 6


Trey playing well since coming out of the G league, but good grief, 4 point guards on the active roster? Wonder if he’s going to get a fair shot since they also brought in Mudiay.


Quick little Michigan shoutout


It seems like he will get a good look. I think they will release Jack and Nickolina SP is not scoring!


GR3 making season debut tonite!


Not sure where to put this but what do you think our record is currently with DJ Wilson on this team? I think we would be scary good. I’m thinking 3 or 4 losses. One in Maui, one at North Carolina, one against Purdue and then some random road loss in Big 10 play.

DJ is getting very limited playing time in the NBA right now but it was obvious he made the right decision based off of where he was drafted.