Michigan Players in the NBA



It certainly does but I see huge upside for both teams. The NETS and KNICKs are really trying hard to move the ball and players for good shots. I like both coaches…can’t believe how well THJ has been playing. He ca’t guard Caris though…too quick. Hoping TB gets a deal…could be a great combo!

Go Blue!


If you would have told the 2012 version of me that Burke and Hardaway would be the backcourt for the New York Knicks alongside a 7’3" Latvian unicorn, I think I might have fainted on the spot


If you’d told me that those four guys would be paired by twos on the Knicks and Nets four-five years on!


Stauskas has been struggling mightily the past several games, hopefully he turns it around. On a better note, Hardaway had a great first game back form injury.


Knicks signed Trey Burke for the rest of the year.



MLK Day Showdown: Nik, Caris and Bk Nets vs Tim, Trey and NY Knicks.


Will this be the first time 4 starters from the same team in a national championship game have ever met in an NBA game? Did I just make that stat up?!


Damn it, Caris didn’t start. I’m going to bed.




Gotta love the cornrows.


For those interested, here are some highlights of the game:

  • Knicks won 119-104, was a 2 point game at the start of the 4th
  • Hardaway Jr. sat out as he just came back from a month long injury … he’s on a minutes restriction
  • LeVert scored 20, but he was only 8-20 from the field
  • Burke scored 5 in 8 min, 1-3 FG 3-4 from the line in his Knicks debut
  • Stauskas played 7 min but didn’t attempt a shot
  • According to the announcers, all 4 former Wolverines met at half court after the game … didn’t see it though


Hardaway with 31 on 6-7 from three last night on national TV. Burke had 7 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds in 15 minutes off the bench.


Caris…big impact last night!





Yes! So pleased for him.


Nice game by TB last night…the ball really moves well when he’s on the floor. You can see the experience running the PNR with KP…he finds the open man. Good for him…I think he might stick with the knick’s.


Uggh. I hadn’t thought of this before, but - with the B1G tournament at MSG (and then the Big East tournament there the following week), the Knicks will, of course, be playing on the road that week; in California, to be exact. I don’t know if the Barclay Center is being used for a college tournament as well, but the Nets will also be in California.

So there will be no Michigan Players in the NBA reunion at the B1G tournament…


Trey…making noise in NY. Nets and KNICKS Tuesday night!